October 18, 2016

Gone are the days when the humble scarf was used as just a piece of clothing. Scarves have turned into fashion statements with their ability to complete an ensemble. There’s nothing you can’t possibly pair them with, so add some more to your wardrobe with any chance you get. Bold, wild, printed, plain, we tell you what’s in this season.

1. Neon Pink Splatter

Criss cross neon pink patterns with a hint of grey here and there, you have a scarf that will do the talking. The light, flimsy material sits beautifully around your neck, making for a beautiful adornment.

2. Sombre No More

Lighter hues like white and cream go well with just about anything, so nothing should stop you from owning a pair or two. Floral prints can elevate your fashion game to the next level. Pair them with a solid summer dress and look like a diva.

3. You’ve Got Me Chained

Head scarves are a great way to make a fashion statement. The motifs on this scarf make for a very boho chic look, one that is something anyone can pull off.

4. The Bold And The Beautiful

Make the most of this scarf that is essentially a single strip of cloth. It’s bold and definitely one of those less exploited looks. The fact that it is black makes it all the more desireable, ideal to be paired up with denims of any hue.

5. Striped

Layer up in style with this scarf as it is definitely making a comeback. This is something you can wear to college or work. Make sure you don’t go all in with the colors, play it safe with single shaded hues and you are good to go.

6. Tribal Art

A background of maroon etched with patterns of black makes for a versatile look. If you team them up with shorts, then it gives you an elongated look. If you team them up with denims, you are more likely to get a look of sophistication.

7. All Twirled up

Black, brown and white- the trio that can never go wrong. This scarf comes with a very bright selection of colors and just their presence is enough to make a mark. From skirts, to tees, this can be worn with just about anything. It also makes a wonderful head scarf, especially if you pair it up with a nice high rise bun.

8. Monochrome at its best

This scarf is playing for keeps so never let it slip away. Pair it up with your favourite outfits and take on the world by storm.

Treated my girls to something from @jomalonelondon, today was all about them ??

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Trust a scarf to do what you can’t to your look.