October 17, 2016

Most of us are habituated to having a cup of hot cup of tea or coffee in the mornings. But, do these beverages really help us? Is there any alternative to piling up our bodies with beverages laden with caffeine in the mornings? The answer is Yes! You can switch to a cold pressed  juice. Wondering how it’s different from a canned juice you buy off the shelf?

Canned juices have a limited shelf life. They are laden with preservatives and other additives which substantially reduce the nutritional value. Fresh pressed juices have benefits that caffeinated beverages and canned juices do not have.

1. Will give you energy for the day ahead

For one, having a glass of cold pressed juice gives us a lot of energy that sees us through the rest of the day. You can say that these juices are store houses of energy. So, whether it is beetroot juice or juice coming out of freshly pressed orange, be assured that you won’t fall short of energy levels the entire day. The juice is easily absorbed in the blood and this rapid absorption does the trick. Much of our tiredness comes from artificial substances such as caffeine and additives. Our body spends a lot of energy in absorbing these substances hence the tiredness.

cold pressed juice

2. Releases toxins from your body early in the morning

The effect of rapidly absorbed juices on our digestive systems is astonishing. The toxic materials that we have been storing like caffeine etc get drained out by these juices. What better time to drain the toxins that to do it early in the morning.

3. Your morning glow

When your body is rid of toxic materials then our skins acquires a shiny, lighter look. Most of these materials manifest themselves in our skin, hair and eyes. So, what are you waiting for? Stop with the fairness creams and reach out for the juices.

cold pressed juice

4. No more anxiety pangs

Having beverages in the morning refresh us no doubt, but the caffeine also increases our anxiety levels. We are easily alarmed at various events and we tend to react more than respond. Researchers say that long periods of caffeine consumption may affect our blood pressure and heart beat. Freshly pressed juices on the other hand soothe our bodies, mind and our temperament.

5. Keep your weight in check

Do you know that freshly pressed juices also help us in weight control? Beverages may contain substances like dissolved sugar that converts into fat which adds to our body weight. Juices on the other hand are easily absorbed in the blood and this does not convert into fat.

cold pressed juice

6. Get your nutrition for the day

Freshly pressed juices are a great source of nutrients like manganese, calcium, sodium, iron and many other salts. Doctors say that these minerals help us in maintaining the right pH balance. Muscular cramps that are so common to athletes are a result of deficiency of manganese and potassium. Unless, you are having your daily morning dose of freshly pressed juice, the problem of cramps will not go away.

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cold pressed juice