May 6, 2017

Visiting a gynaecologist is certainly not the most pleasant experience. Whether you need to get an exam done, or discuss details of your sex life, it can feel awkward and embarrassing. That’s why it is important to go prepared beforehand so that you don’t forget to ask something important. Your doctor will always be ready to help you if you ask her the right questions. Jot down some of these questions to ask your gynaecologist before you make an appointment.

questions to ask your gynaecologist

For your first exam

1. Why are my periods so heavy/ light/ irregular?

A healthy menstrual cycle is about 25-35 days. If your dates are fluctuating or you notice a change in your monthly flow, discuss it with a doctor.  The reason could be temporary such as stress or changing birth control pills. But there could also be some underlying factors such as hormonal imbalance and ovarian cysts.

questions to ask your gynaecologist

2. What’s normal when it comes to vaginal discharge?

Did you know the vagina is the second organ in your body that is self-cleaning ( the first being your eyes). It secretes fluids to get rid of dead cells and other harmful things. A clear or milky looking discharge every day is considered normal. But if you see an unusually high volume of discharge or a change in colour or odor, it could be a sign of an infection.

3. How do I perform a proper breast self-exam?

Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer among women globally. Early detection is the key to its prevention. That’s why it’s important to check for lumps in your breasts regularly. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor how to perform a self-exam. It could save your life.

questions to ask your gynaecologist

For a healthy sex life

1. What are my birth control options?

A good birth control can not only liberate you from the fear of unwanted pregnancy, but can also provide relief from heavy and painful periods. There are a number of options available, including pills, condoms, vaginal rings, IUDs and shots. Check with your doctor, which option works for you.

questions to ask your gynaecologist

2. Is it safe to use emergency contraceptives?

It’s always risky to use an over the counter emergency contraceptive pill. It could mess up your hormones and monthly cycle. If you had unprotected sex, then to be safe head straight to the doctor and get a prescription after getting a thorough examination.

3. How often should I be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

Even if you have a single partner, you carry a risk for STI. You may not even know, but you could have an STI for years or even decades, without showing any sign. If left untreated, STIs can lead to severe health problems.

If you are pregnant

1. How much weight should I gain and what kind of diet should I follow

This is perhaps one of the few times when gaining weight is a good sign. Normally, a pregnant woman gains around 10-15 kgs but it could vary depending on her age, and previous weight. Ask your doctor to monitor your weight regularly and suggest a diet that will help you and the baby put on healthy kilos.

2. Should I be doing any particular kind of exercise? What kind and amount is safe?

Staying active during pregnancy will keep you and your baby healthy. You can continue with light exercises such as walking and yoga. But if you had any other fitness regime before you got pregnant, ask your doctor if it is safe to continue.

questions to ask your gynaecologist

3. Can I… Dye my hair? Paint my nails? Go to the spa? Should I make any changes to my beauty routine?

Chemical products you use on your body affect your baby as much as they affect you. While it’s best to steer clear of these during pregnancy, sometimes you just can’t avoid them. Ammonia in hair dyes and formaldehyde in nail paints are known carcinogens. Even if you are using chemical free products, ask your doctor if they are safe.

questions to ask your gynaecologist

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