October 23, 2016

Abdominal bloating is a common problem and can mess with your waistline any time of the day. If you have a special occasion coming up soon, follow these simple tricks to look your best and keep your tummy looking tucked.

1. Drink Directly from a Cup or Glass

Drinking from a bottle or using a straw puts extra air in your stomach. Avoid this by always using a glass or a cup to drink. Chewing gum can also lead to swallowing air which leads to bloating.

prevent bloating

2. Avoid Legumes, Beans and Lentils

Legumes, beans and lentils are high in protein and fiber. They are great for your body but if you want to reduce bloating, stay away from them closer to D-day.

prevent bloating

3. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Needless to say, this modern-day poison is responsible for several problems and bloating is definitely one of them. Carbonated drinks have carbon dioxide in and that is the reason why your stomach feels full and gassy when you have these fizzy drinks.

prevent bloating

4. Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

On your next trip to the supermarket, avoid buying stuff that says ‘sugar-free’. Artificial sweetener is often known to cause gas and can leave you feeling bloated.

prevent bloating

5. Eat Small Meals Often

Instead of gorging on a huge lunch spread, eat small meals often. If you are the breakfast-lunch-tea-dinner kind of person, try and change your routine slowly so that you have six modest but healthy meals each day.

prevent bloating

6. Drink Water Often

Drink water often and straight from a glass. Have it throughout the day. It will keep you away from constipation and reduce gas too.

7. Incorporate 10 Minutes Of Exercise In Your Daily Routine

Because there is no better way to have a flat stomach than exercising. As little as ten minutes from your daily routine will ensure a healthy lifestyle and a fitter body. Regular exercise also reduces bloating by helping in proper digestion of food.

prevent bloating