March 23, 2017

A good breakfast sets a positive tone for the entire day. In order to make your mornings easier we bring to you a few grab and go breakfast options that are packed with nutrients and are full on flavour.

Nuts and Chia Breakfast Jar

It’s the National Chia Day so there’s no excuse to slack up on a healthy meal. Grab this chia jar from ToBeHealthy and just dig in. This is a complete fibours meal that will power you through the day. You can also slice half a banana into it or add an assortment of berries.

healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy Sandwiches

Nothing feels more heavenly than the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Combine it with a classic croissant from Bread and More and your French breakfast is fixed.

healthy breakfast ideas

If you are running late, then a panini is a good option as its soft and moist bread is easy to eat. You can choose from a range of paninis at Bread and More along with a strong black coffee to get you powered up for the day.

healthy breakfast ideas

Dressed up Yoghurt

Easy to prepare and on the go. Fresh and creamy yoghurt is a healthy and delicious food. Dunk a few pieces of fresh fruit like mango or strawberry or even pineapple chunks in your yoghurt. Add pumpkin seeds or almonds for that extra crunch and you are good to go. Loaded with probiotics and calcium it is a super food and can be had every day. Don’t have homemade yoghurt? We loved the very many choices available in the market today – Amul Masti Dahi, Danone and Nestle A1.

healthy breakfast ideas

Almond Milk

One of your best breakfast buddies, almond milk delivers the full spectrum of 9 essential amino acids that your body needs. You will love its rich and creamy taste with your muesli. You can also whip up a quick smoothie by adding few spinach leaves, one ripe banana and almond milk in the blender. This is a super grab-n-go option to have when you are heading out in a rush. For a touch of the gourmet, you can try the Dorset Leary nutty muesli or good old Baggrys is great too. Give ToBeHealthy‘s almond milk a try.

healthy breakfast ideas

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