October 24, 2017

Having a healthy diet is no longer an easy task with today’s busy lifestyle. And if you indulge in quick meals and processed food, there is the additional danger of consuming too many additives and sugars every day. Imagine if you could get your daily fruits and veggies requirements in just one packet. Little Juice’s powdered juice mixes will do just that for you without compromising on their nutrition value.

What It Is

Mostly packaged juices are pasteurized, which greatly reduces its vitamin content. And they come loaded with artificial sweeteners that outweigh all their health benefits. Litlle Juice uses a freeze-dry technique and boosts the mix with antioxidants, probiotics and vitamin C. The mix is free of gluten, artificial ingredients, flavourings and preservatives.

It comes in convenient single-serving packs and is a powerhouse grab-and-go =beverage. Just mix the powder with water for a delicious and refreshing glass of juice, anytime.

powdered juice mixes

How It Works

Fresh produce starts to lose its nutritional value from the moment it is harvested. And with advanced cold storage, you could be eating an apple that as old as one year. It may taste and look the same but its nutrition would be nil. With freeze-drying though, up to 97% of the nutrients are retained for years.

When the powder mix is reconstituted with water or yoghurt, the fruits regain their fresh flavour, original texture, aroma and appearance. You also help save the environment a little.

powdered juice mixes

What You Can Make With It

Currently, Little Juice comes in three packs –  straw-bana, berry mix, and supergreens that are a blend of yummy fruits and veggies and contain zero added sugar.

powdered juice mixes

You can add them to your morning smoothie or an acai bowl for loaded flavour and nutrients.

powdered juice mixes

The Takeaway

The brand is coming to India soon and will be available for pan-India orders through all the major e-commerce portals. Their prices range from Rs 200 to Rs 750.

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