July 11, 2016

Back pain is the bane of modern lifestyle. After the common cold, back pain is the most common reason to visit a doctor. In fact, it can be so debilitating that it can disrupt your work, day-to-day life, sleep and even sex life. Be aware of the postures that could very well be the reason for your pain addled life.

Hunching Behind the Steering Wheel

Most of us hunch over our steering wheel. This posture tightens the chest muscles and rounds up the shoulders. It is best to opt for a 90-degree sitting angle that puts you close to the wheel without you having to stretch for it.

Remember, if you have to extend your legs to reach the pedals, you are too far from the wheel, and this sitting posture will result in excruciating pain in your back over time.

back pain

Crossing Your Legs

The myth goes that crossing your legs leads to varicose veins. On the contrary, it will result in lower back pain. Yes, the pressure will make the surface veins more visible, but this simple posture that women tend to favor actually is bad for your back.

So, as much as possible, try to avoid crossing your legs while sitting. Etiquette rules state ladies don’t cross their legs; it is not a genteel sitting posture! So, beware!

back pain

You are a Rubber Desk Johnny

It is better to stand and work than sit and work. Sitting exerts 40 percent more pressure on your spine than standing. But, when you have your boss breathing down your neck asking for a report that was due yesterday, maintaining the right posture will not be your goal. If you don’t get up and stretch your spine regularly, it will weaken your back muscles and compress the spinal discs, leading to back pain. Make sure you sit at a 135-degree angle. It reduces the pressure on your spinal discs. If you can’t do this, try to lean back to stretch your back and spine periodically.

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You Carry Your Life in Your Bag

If you tote around a bag that is heavy, it will cause your shoulders to get imbalanced. Your body automatically elevates the shoulder you sling the bag across, and this messes up your spinal alignment.

The American Chiropractic Association states that you should never carry a bag that is more than 10 per cent of your body weight. And, if your work demands that you carry a bag all day long, keep switching shoulders, or divide the load into two bags and carry one on each shoulder. It may sound cumbersome, but your back will be pain-free and that really makes it worthwhile.

back pain