July 16, 2016

Home alone this weekend? Make the most of this weather and organise a pool party with your friends. Sunshine, sunglasses, a perfect pool party – a dull day in your life is now an adorable Instagram post!

From the cocktails to the food to the upbeat decor, there are several ways to enliven your party. Check out these pool party essentials that will make sure you leave the haters – and the lovers – talking about you for the rest of the season.

Pump Up The Jam – O’ Kehndi!

No party is complete without music, and gone are the days when you had to carry huge speakers – or if you’re from the ancient times, a boombox – to the side of the pool. All you need to do now is connect your mp3 player or smartphone to a portable speaker and get some Cheap Thrills! If you’re lucky enough to own neon, colorful speakers, it adds to the decor at your chic little gathering.

pool party

Trash That Inflated Ego – Get Inflated Floats Instead

Get some inflatable floats for adults to ring in more fun and excitement. Choose from a variety of pineapples, watermelon slices, swans, flamingos and ice cream cones to spice up things at the party. Want to be the infamous troll at the party? Push people off the floats for your own personal fun!

pool party

Meet Mat(t)

Add that extra pop of spunk to your decor by laying out mats around the pool. If you don’t have any cute mats lying around the house, just use colorful yoga mats to decorate the deck, or surrounding area. Not only do they brighten up the place, but they’re soft and comfy to lie on.  Perfect for the lazy tanners at your party.

pool party

Drinks Ahoy

Drinks are not recommended around the pool, but you’re a feisty little rule-breaker aren’t you? Whether it’s fun cocktail glasses or pineapple mugs, some great glasses can add zing to your margaritas. Why are your guests swooning – is it the alcohol, or your adorable glasses. They’ll never know. And we all love some mystery, don’t we ladies?

pool party

Hold Your Horses, Not Your Drinks

All that relaxing and unwinding can be exhausting for cool cats like you and your friends. We understand that holding your own drinks can be tiring for the princess in you, so use a funky drink-holder that keeps your elixir of life icy cold. This one from Elvy is the perfect size and color for your pool party needs, ladies.

Where to buy: Elvy Store, Ground Floor, Centrum Mall, MG road Sultanpur

pool party

Leaning Towels Of Pisa

Towels can be used for more than just drying yourself. Decorate your pool-side with a bunch of colorful towels. Or if you run out of mats, use towels as those instead!

Genius? We think so too.

pool party

Now you’re ready. Fly, pretty birds, and change the world with an amazing pool party.