April 29, 2017

Not all heroes wear a cape or fight the bad guy. Sometimes they just come forward to show love and care for other beings where compassion is missing. Meet some of these pet heroes that can teach you a thing or two about kindness.

1. The Man who looks after 735 dogs

Rakesh Shukla, a software engineer from Bangalore, has made his life’s mission to look after dogs that no one wants. He cares for 735 abandoned and stray dogs. Rakesh has bought a three-acre farmhouse to keep them safe and even has round the clock veterinarians.

“I’m the last stop for these dogs. They are no longer cute and cuddly. Many are sick and no longer wanted,” says Rakesh.

pet heroes

Contact Rakesh here if you wish to help

He has many pedigree dogs too whose owners abandoned them.

pet heroes

Rakesh divides his time between running his business and managing the shelter entirely on his own funds.

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2. Cat-man of Aleppo

At a moment when millions are fleeing to safety, a man chose to stay behind in the war-torn Syria to look after abandoned cats. Mohammad Alaa Jaleel from Aleppo has built sanctuaries to look after 100s of abandoned and stray cats.

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Many of the animals were left behind after their owners fled the city. Mohammad, who works as an ambulance driver, stayed put to help at his hospital. That’s when he started taking in the cats.

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Unfortunately, two of his sanctuaries were bombed and many animals died. He is also fast running out of ration to feed them. Contact an aide worker working with him to see how you can help.

3. The Elephant Lady

Baby Moyo had nearly drowned while crossing a river and got separated from his family in the Zimbabwe wildlife.  That’s when Roxy Danckwerts found him and brought him to her sanctuary.

The baby elephant follows Roxy everywhere, even at her home, despite his huge size. Roxy means the world to little Moyo and he doesn’t hold back on his love for her.

4. Rescuer of Big Cats in the Middle East

Jasim Ali, of the UAE, is on a mission to adopt endangered and exotic animals in need of care. The dangerous hobby of keeping big cats as pets in the Middle East has created a lot of problems in the Middle East as owners often neglect or abandon them.

Jasim has opened a wildlife sanctuary where he brings in rescued animals and personally trains the big cats.

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Owning an endangered animal as a pet is illegal in the UAE but many purchase them on the black-market for ‘bragging rights’. It has largely fallen on to Jasim, backed by the government, to rescue them.

Do you know any such pet heroes? Let us know and we will feature them in our story.