April 25, 2017

Even though you may be feeling super fresh, the dark and puffy circles under your eyes tell a different story. Don’t get upset, get beautiful. Let us show you some pro tips on how to treat dark circles at home:

1. Treat them to an essential oil therapy

Natural ingredients like almonds, chamomile, eucalyptus and lavender are an excellent way to nourish the under-eye skin. They have Vitamin K and retinol that treat the discolouration of skin and also improve blood circulation. Try the Sirona dark circles serum from the Elixir. Gently massage 2-3 drops onto your under-eyes every night before you go to sleep and you will start seeing results in a week.

how to treat dark circles

2. Tackle it from Inside with Right Nutrition

Changes to your diet can remove those stubborn rings under your eyes. The lack of iron in your diet can make your skin look pale. Get more iron from red meats and green veggies. Also, if you are eating excess salt, then your body will retain water and make your eyes look puffier and dark circles more noticeable. Avoid processed, packaged foods and replace salt with a dash of lemon to satisfy your taste buds.

How to treat dark circles

3. Hide them with Makeup

Those pesky dark rings make you look tired and older. Try this simple makeup technique to look fresh every time you step out of home.

1. Start with a Moisturizer

Hydrate your under eyes thoroughly before putting any makeup. Pat in a moisturizer and let it dry out. Patting will also ease the puffiness a little.

how to treat dark circles

2.  Use a Colour Cancelling Concealer

If your under eyes look bluish, then choose an orange/salmon concealer. However, this will not work for girls with olive and dark skin tone. If you under eyes actually look dark, then choose a concealer, which is a shade darker. Yes, the darker shade gives a more realistic finish.

3.  Dab a Light Shade under the Bags

Take a flesh/white tone concealer and draw it in a line right under your eye bags. Do not blend it in. This will prevent shadows, making your eyes look less puffy.

4. Blend it with a Highlighter

Now choose a highlighting concealer and dab it in a ‘V’ shape from the under eyes to the cheek. Pat it into your skin. This will add a glow on your cheeks too.

5. Lock it with a Powder

Lock in the makeup with loose powder. Dab it on generously and swipe away the excess.

We found this tutorial to help you conceal your dark circles and look radiant again.

While this makeup routine can hide your circles effectively, you need to address the problem from inside too. Have plenty of water and get a good rest.