March 1, 2017

Late nights, unhealthy binges, erratic sleep patterns – life really gets the better of us sometimes. Just like a car that needs servicing from time to time to keep it running smooth, your body too needs a reset plan to get back on track. Take care of your over-worked system with Innerchef’s one day detox diet plan. This will not only recharge your body but as a bonus, you will also burn a lot of calories in the process.

This (re)boot camp is really the best thing you could do for yourself. Read on and get started:

9 AM : Wake up To A Yoghurt Parfait

Treat your stomach to a probiotic goodness right in the morning. This will prep it for digestion throughout the day. This little yoghurt jar is packed with nutrients to keep you pumped up. And you won’t need to have breakfast after this – THIS is breakfast. It contains oats, fruits, granola, chia seeds, drizzled with honey. A complete meal with fewer calories.

Do more: While detoxing, it is also important to keep the body warm to burn calories faster. Do 3 minutes of Pranayam and basic Yoga exercises before you start your day.

One Day Detox Diet Plan

10 AM: Paint the Town Red

Red fruits and veggies are considered the new powerhouses. Apart from having a high iron content, they also have lots of antioxidants that will soak up free radicals (tiny atoms lurking in your blood that harm the immune system). Drink this apple, beetroot, carrot juice at 10 am.

Do more: Fight the urge to make yourself a cup of morning coffee. Water is better at keeping you awake than coffee and also helps in detoxification. Keep a bottle of water by your side to stay hydrated.

One Day Detox Diet Plan

12 PM: Have a Smoothie

Now is the time you start feeling hungry and the real test of your self-control starts. We unknowingly indulge in unhealthy snacks just before lunch to fight the hunger pangs. Instead, grab this banana and pineapple smoothie that will fill you up.

Do more: If you are still feeling hungry then snack on a fibrous fruit like an apple or orange instead of biscuits.

One Day Detox Diet Plan

2 PM: You Are What You Eat

If you think fat makes you fat, then your dieting plan is all wrong. Healthy fats have vitamin E that are great for your skin. Drink up this coconut milk, yoghurt, spinach and banana smoothie for a glowing, lustrous skin.

Do more: Feeling lethargic? Lethargy makes your willpower weaker. Before you think of giving up your diet, get up and head out for a walk. A short 15 minutes stroll will energise you again.

One Day Detox Diet Plan

3 PM: Cheat Box for Cravings

You may not be able to have your cake, but you won’t miss it with this sweet and healthy indulgence. The crunchy granola bar is packed with protein-rich oats, antioxidant filled berries, and nuts that will give you all the good calories and will also fill you up.

Do more: Deep breathing also helps detox the body. Sit straight in your chair and inhale deeply. Hold for three seconds and breathe out slowly. Repeat for 1 minute.

One Day Detox Diet Plan

4 PM: Have an Energy Booster

Pick up this watermelon and mint juice in the evening for an instant energy boost. This nutrient-dense beverage has a subtle flavour that will make you feel like you have done something really good for your body.

Do more: Put away your phone and laptop for 15 minutes and unwind with a book. This will relax your mind and also bring down stress levels.

One day detox diet plan

6 PM: Pamper your Body

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a sauna. It will not only ease the tension in your body but also releases toxins from your muscles.

Do more: Have a warm cup of green tea right after your massage. This powerful cuppa is loaded with antioxidants and will give a boost to your immune system.

one day detox diet plan

8 PM: Dig into a warm, hearty soup

Wind down your day with a comforting, hearty Mulligatawny soup. This dish contains red lentils and brown rice to keep you satisfied, ginger and garlic to protect you from diseases, coconut oil and coconut milk to keep your insides happy and delicious vegetables to add a nutritional punch. Feeling warm yet?

Do more: Don’t eat in front of the TV. Take time to enjoy and appreciate your meal. This habit will prevent you from mindless overeating while absorbed in your daily soaps.

One Day Detox Diet Plan

10 PM: Do a Final Detox with Purified Water

Before going to sleep, do a final detox with this turbo-charged water that contains lemon wedges and chia seeds. It will help flush out the toxins as you sleep.

Do more: Before you drift off to sleep, recount 3 positive things that happened in your day. Reinforcing positive emotions releases serotonin and you will wake up feeling happier and healthier.

One Day Detox Diet Plan

Follow this detox plan once every week and you will have a bikini body ready by the time summer hits!