September 26, 2017

Heading to the hills when you’re tired of the unbearable heat and hitting the beaches when the winter sets in. That seems like a logical strategy to enjoy some respite from the harsh weather. But since most of us think alike, we end up visiting great places and not having a great time. Too much rush, high prices and availability issues are what you end up dealing with. If you really want to enjoy your trips, plan smart and do the off season travel in India. You’ll be amazed to see the hidden experiences these destinations have to offer.

1. Goa

Off Season Time: During monsoons – July to September.

Why It’s Better: With much less crowd and low prices you can enjoy the various cultural festivals Goa has to offer. Wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks are best visited during the monsoons. Goa can be fun sans the sun.

off season travel in india

2. Cochin – Kerala

Off Season Time: April to September.

Why It’s Better: Enjoy the serene beauty in solitude as the crowds shy away from the unpredictable rains. Your pampering and relieving at the spas and Ayurveda centers will be more enjoyable with freebies and slashed prices.

off season travel in india

3. Shillong/ Cherrapunjee – Meghalaya

Off Season Time:  During monsoons – June to August.

Why It’s Better: If you appreciate nature more when the skies just pour then you’ve hit the jackpot. Tribal festivals, natural marvels like root bridges, brimming lakes, and exotic butterfly spotting. There’s a lot you can cherish during your visit.

off season travel in india

4. Dharamsala/ Mussoorie – Uttarakhand

Off Season Time: Peak winters or monsoons.

Why It’s Better: These romantic destinations look picture perfect during winters. You can enjoy the bone-chilling weather while sipping hot coffee with your love. The valley of flowers blooms to its true beauty around the monsoons so set your calendar for July if you want to witness it.

off season travel in india

5. Coorg – Karnataka

Off Season Time: June to September.

Why It’s Better: If you love flooding waterfalls, misty weather and greenery all around then your destination is set for the monsoons. The beauty of the mountains and lakes are completely upgraded by the huge amount rainfall witnessed by Coorg.

off season travel in indiaref

6. Malshej Ghats – Maharashtra

Off Season Time: Rainy Season – July to September.

Why It’s Better: Finding a less crowded time would be difficult as it’s a popular destination all year round. But you can get some respite when it rains, so head to the ghats and enjoy the numerous waterfalls and vast greenery with the slight fog and mist.

off season travel in indiaref

7. Shimla/ Manali – Himachal Pradesh

Off Season Time: December to February.

Why It’s Better: With fewer crowds that dare to brave the cold, you can indulge in winter sports with snow covering the beautiful mountains. Relish the warmth of the delicious cuisine in the freezing weather. Isn’t that comforting?

off season travel in india

8. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Off Season Time: July & August.

Why It’s Better: Since it rains heavily during these months on the islands so you will have very few visitors to share the beaches with. The island is also bustling with marine life during the season. The gray clouds pouring over the ocean is definitely not to be missed.

off season travel in india