December 20, 2016

Are visions of cookies, cakes and tarts dancing in your head? You’re not having a sugar rush – it’s Christmas time! The air is filled with delicious aromas of freshly baked desserts and cookies that can transport you to a saccharine heaven. We have loaded up all the delicious sweet treats from Defence Bakery to welcome the festival, and we suggest you do too before the queues get longer. Don’t feel guilty about indulging in your favourite sweets and heavy meals – it’s cold outside and we could use a few extra pounds to stay warm. Wondering what other Christmas treats to stack up on your plate? This ultimate spread will delight your guests and family.

1. Gingerbread House

Why not assemble your own gingerbread house to get in the Christmas spirit? Order your own DIY kit that includes royal icing powder, gingerbread cookies house panels, piping bags, gems and sprinkles for decoration. It will surely make you nostalgic. Just put on the song, “All I want for Christmas, is you” and decorate away into the night.

Chritsmas treats

Courtesy: Defence Bakery

2. Roasted Chicken with Wild Mushrooms

Get the party started with a roasted chicken centre piece. If turkey and ham are not your thing, roast up a chicken and wild mushrooms in your oven to get the same holiday feels. Remember, it’s not Christmas, until it smells like it. So, make sure to add huge dollops of butter to get that divine aroma. Get the full recipe here.

Christmas treats

Courtesy: BBC Goodfood

3. Red Wine Gravy

“Would you like another helpin’ of my gravy? Baby say yeah,” this song by South Park is an ode to the flavourful gravy that is so loved around the world. And of course we’ll say yes – when there is chicken, there has to be gravy, especially if it has a glass full of red wine. Follow this recipe by Jamie Oliver.

Christmas treat

4. Green Salad

OK, you should have at least one healthy option to cut through the heavy and greasy food. Try this broccoli salad with dried cranberries that will not take you more than 10 minutes to make.

Christmas treats

5. Yule Log Cake

In the earlier days, people gathered around firewood to sing Christmas carols. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can still enjoy this tradition by bringing home a miniature ‘yule log’ in the form of a cake. It is a form of sweet roulade made of moist sponge cake. We are sold on these Yule logs from Defence Bakery.

Christmas treats

6. Mulled Wine

A homemade warm mug of mulled wine is all we need to chase the winter blues away. Learn with us how to create this heavenly sweet and spicy concoction.

Christmas treats

7. Plum Cake

Christmas is incomplete without a traditional plum cake. A rich, dark and moist plum cake made with oriental spices, candied peels, raisins and fruit, is perfect for celebrating the festive season. Remember, one is never enough – always keep extras with you to make a perfect gift for your friends. If you don’t want to make it from scratch, then order your batches from Defence Bakery.

Christmas treats

8. Red and Green Velvet Dessert in a Jar

Have your very own Christmas tree in a jar with a moist red and green velvet cake. A salty, creamy cheese frosting is layered against the fluffy cake – what’s not to love about this twist on a classic dessert?

Christmas treats

Courtesy: Defence Bakery

9. Mince Pie

End your evening on a sweet note with a mince pie. It goes very well with a hot cup of tea. This relaxing and comforting combination is perfect to unwind and think of all the beautiful things that made your Christmas special.

Christmas treats

Courtesy: Defence Bakery

Here’s wishing everyone a merry Christmas! Go ahead and make the most of it.