March 17, 2017

There are some nights when you just need a little something. You can hear your stomach growl and are unable to sleep. Dinner wasn’t enough and you crave for some nocturnal noshing. A healthy late night snack will not only satisfy you but can also promote better slumber. When picking a late-night treat, always choose something filling to satisfy your appetite until morning, and also healthy, so that your diet doesn’t get derailed. Read on to know more about best foods to eat before bed.

To avoid turning this nosh into a fourth meal, keep your portions small and between 150- 200 calories. Stick to foods that contain a little protein and healthy fat. Large meals can disrupt your sleep cycle because they take longer to digest, and cause uneasiness. Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided too.  On this National Sleep Day, let’s pamper our sleepy bodies with love!

best foods to eat before bed

Make your stomach happy with these healthy foods and take a ride to sleepy town.

Whole wheat crackers

A couple of whole-wheat crackers are enough to curb your hunger until breakfast. Have some cheese or apple slices along with the crackers and this is more than enough to put you to sleep without causing tummy distress. Pair it with Almond or peanut butter to get that perfect protein and carbohydrate ratio.

best foods to eat before bed

Fat-free yogurt

Fat-free yogurt has dietary protein, probiotics, and other beneficial nutrients. The protein makes you feel full longer and is just about the right size to hold your hunger off for a few hours. Pair it with tart cherries if you need something filling. Cherries are one of the few foods that naturally have melatonin which regulates sleep and wakefulness.

best foods to eat before bed


Raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots, squash and broccoli are filling, low in calories, and provide complex carbohydrates. The slow breakdown of those complex carbohydrates will keep you full until morning and make you feel full enough to sleep.

Consuming anything warm has a calming effect, so soup is often a good idea. But you should stay away from having anything too heavy or too full of fiber at night because they can be tough to digest. Instead of lentils you can opt for nutrient-rich butternut squash.

best foods to eat before bed

Cottage cheese

A small bowl of cottage cheese is recommended because it takes some time to digest and contains some filling protein. Pair it with rice cakes as this carb and protein combination will not only leave you feeling full but also comfy. Also, it constitutes a healthy dose of calcium and tryptophan.

best foods to eat before bed

BRAT foods

BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Because they’re easy to digest, these foods are considered the safest things to eat after you’ve been sick with food poisoning. It also makes them perfect for eating right before dozing off.

A blend of banana and low-fat milk, a banana smoothie supplies vitamin D and calcium. Bananas help you fall asleep because they’re a source of potassium and magnesium, nutrients that double as natural muscle relaxants.

best foods to eat before bed