December 30, 2016

Tried an eye makeup technique that didn’t look good on you? Put down that mascara and first learn about the shape and setting of your eyes. Smoky look doesn’t work on all shapes, neither do cat eyes. Read on to know what kind of eyes do you have and how you should you be applying makeup on it to play up your right features.

1. Monolids like Mary Kom

Both monolids and hooded eyelids have little to no visible crease. Monolids have more lid space and no significant orbital bone. Smoky eyes look best on this shape.

Eyeliner: For a cat-eye, keep your line as close to the base of the lashes as possible, with a thick wing at the outer corners to give the eye some lift and definition.

Eyeshadow: Prep your lid with a sprightly coat of long-wear primer; this will help counteract makeup transfer from your lash line. Apply eyeliner before eyeshadow to delineate your base first. Pencil liners are favored over gel or liquid. Utilizing soft smudged liner around the entire eye can give an enlarging effect. Take the wide expanse below your eyebrow as a blank canvas, and apply a generous hand of eye shadow using a smudge eye shadow brush. Smoky eyes are perfect for you, so blend away.

eye makeup

2. Hooded Eyelids like Anushka

Hooded eyes have less lid space but a pronounced browbone. They have an extra layer of skin below the brow that covers the crease and makes the lid appear smaller. Focus on your top lashes to make your eyes look bigger.

Eyeliner: Define the upper lash line with an eyeliner pen, employing pencils and gel liners can smear due to friction caused by the lid overlap. Keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible to create a thick winged cat eyeliner effect.

Eyeshadow:  It is crucial to apply eyeshadow vertically to minimize puffy hoods. Highlight the lids with a light, shimmery shade to accentuate, and to create even more dimension extend a dark matte eye shadow above your eyelid’s crease to emulate a double eyelid. Contour a shimmery hue on the base of your brow bone and blend it up to the eyebrow. Be wary of smoky eyes, as they can often swallow your natural recesses. Instead, promote lift by utilizing mascara with a heavy hand on the top lashes, light on the bottom.

eye makeup

3. Close Set Eyes like Kareena

Close set eyes like Kareena have the inner corners very close to the bridge of the nose. Focus your makeup on the outer corners of your eyes to make them look bigger.

Eyeliner: Swipe your liner across two-thirds of your eye for an elongating effect. Don’t take under-eye liner all the way to your inner corner, thus adding extra weight there.

Eyeshadow: The area closer to your nose is heavier, so concentrate light colors on the inner corner of the eyelid and darker colors on the outside. Diffuse your colors from light to deep, going from inside to outside. Use a shimmery highlight in your inner corners to create a little more visual distance from your nose. The biggest trick with close set eyes is to give the illusion that your eyes are further apart.

eye makeup

4. Deep Set Eyes like Sridevi

When your eyes are situated deeper in the socket and your brow bone takes the lead over your eyelids, you have deep set eyes, just like Sridevi. Smoky eyes don’t work on this shape.

Eyeliner: divide your eyelid into thirds–the inside third is for your light color, the very outside is for your dark color, and the middle is for blending them together. Keep the thickest part of your eyeliner on the outer edges of the eye to essentially nudge back that orbital bone.

Eyeshadow:  The goal with deep set eyes is to help push them forward with illuminating colors. To prevent them from looking sunken, keep your light color on the lid and a warm color under the brow bone to create a multi-dimensional look.

eye makeup

5. Round Eyes like Aishwarya

Round Eyes are generally characterized by appearing to project from the eye socket. With so much white space around the pupils, you look best with minimal makeup and don’t require much to appear awake and refreshed.

Eyeliner: Using a liquid liner, draw a thin line as close to the lashes as possible. Use eyeliner on your bottom line and waterline to help balance the bulge. In order to make the most of your strong features, gently drag a flesh-tone pencil across the waterline to exaggerate the whites of eyes and make them appear brighter. Elongated cat eyes can also help minimize the bulge, but ease up on the mascara by only applying furthest from the tear gland.

Eye Shadow: Choose matte colors over shimmers, and dust the entire lid with a nude shadow to neutralize shadows and redness.

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6. Down Turned Eyes like Katrina

You have down turned eyes when the outer corners of your eyes droop slightly. A cat-eye is the best way to give it a lift.

Eyeliner: Apply eyeliner with thicker and heavier strokes. After applying the shadow, swipe on your eyeliner starting at the inner corners, and extend all the way to the outside, flicking it out at the end.

Eyeshadow: Apply a pearly shade across the lid, concentrating on the browbone. Sweep a medium matte shade onto the the lash line. Then, using a lighter matte shade, tap color onto the outer corner of the crease and blend.

eye makeup

Try these tips today for brighter, bigger, more awake eyes.