October 16, 2016

There’s a fine line between essential makeup for the workplace and an overdose of it. In light of keeping makeup at the office to a bare minimum, we bring you some of the common makeup blunders.

make up for workplace

1. Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes at the workplace are a big no no! First, it entails an extra fifteen minutes to your morning beauty regime. Now that’s time you know you can’t afford every single day, especially when you have a substitute in lengthening mascara. In the event of a malfunction, what would you possibly do if your false eyelashes come off, that too in the middle of a meeting.

makeup for workplace

Courtesy: youtube.com

2. Statement Lips

Statement lips make your lips go pop, but that’s something you don’t want happening at the office. Save the look for a weekend or a formal get together. Sporting a bold pout can often distract your colleagues during presentations, and the last thing you want is lipstick stains on your coffee mugs. Going for a lighter shade lipstick is often the safer bet.

makeup for workplace

Courtesy: kyssmystyle.com

3. Smoky Eye Makeup

Again, smoky eye makeup is a big no no. Sure, it is fine for parties and outings, but not so much for the workplace. Eye shadows can be opted for if need be. But when doing so, ensure you go for lighter shades such as beige and brown. Shimmery and glittery eyes are also faux paus. Keep the brightness of your eye shadow to a minimum at the office.

makeup for workplace

Courtesy: makeupgeek.com

4. Frosted Glitter Lips

With nude lipsticks and pretty pinks to lure you down the chalky path, it’s not too surprising that you would want to sport the look at the office as well. Our advice? Don’t. These hues of lipsticks do a little more than just wash out your face. They make you look slightly unprofessional. You might be able to pull off pale lips at an outing with friends, but not in the workplace. Skipping on this fad might not be such a bad idea after all.

makeup for workplace

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5. Complexion Changers

Bronzed skin and burnt orange skin are poles apart. Getting the bronzed skin look might not be all that easy, and testing it out on your skin during the week might mean something could go amiss, should you go wrong with the process. Tanners, bleaches and experiments on your skin should be restricted to the weekends. No one wants to be known as The Pumpkin Girl right?

makeup for workplace

Courtesy: al-medicine.net

6. Excessive Foundation

The last thing you want is a dry cakey look that’s about to crack any minute. Go easy on the foundation or use a BB cream to give your skin an even and fresh tone. It also comes with SPF guarding you from those UV rays, should you have a field day of work.

makeup for workplace

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Trying out the latest fads at the office might not be such a great idea after all. Keep things at the office professional, that’s how they were meant to be since the beginning.

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