April 10, 2018

Ever wondered what it feels like waking up to the sound of rustling leaves, flowing water and chirping birds? Whether you are looking for a fun, adventurous trip or a quiet getaway from the city, these 7 treehouse resorts in India will ensure you get to rest and rejuvenate in the lap of nature.

1. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad, Kerala

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Why it’s worth a visit: Thick foliage and gurgling sound of water will welcome you to the Vythiri resort in Wayanad, Kerala. Situated on a lush mountain, it is buried deep in the jungle and is built around a mountain stream. The tree houses are hand-crafted by indigenous tribals.

Things to do: This is the perfect place to go if your idea of a vacation is to do ‘nothing’. Dip your toes in the water stream as you catch up on a novel or go for a leisurely boat ride at the nearby Pookot lake.

tree house resorts in india

2. The Machan, Lonavala, Maharashtra


Why it’s worth a visit: Machan is located in the midst of a private tropical forest near Lonavala. You can see a dramatic landscape of the Sahyadri mountain range from the snug tree houses here. The resort is built on the edge of a precipice, so the view of the valley below is equally breathtaking.

Things to do: You can gaze at the stars from the comfort of a private deck. The October to May seasons are a good time for stargazing activity as the skies are clear. There are also amazing hiking trails here you can explore.

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3. Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh, MP

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Why it’s worth a visit: The Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is a treasure trove of natural gems. Situated in the Vindhya hills, it has a rich biodiversity of tigers, leopards, sambhar deer, wild boar, Indian bison and 22 other species. The Tree House Hideaway will give you an opportunity to witness the sights and sounds of the reserve up close.

Things to do: Visit the majestic Cheshpur waterfall for a picnic.

tree house resorts in india

4. The Tree House Resort, Jaipur


Why it’s worth a visit: Treehouses here are made in the form of cosy ‘nests’ with tree trunks running through many of them.

Things to do: There are plenty of in-house activities to keep you busy such as archery, shooting and indoor sports. You can take camel and elephant rides around the lodge. you can also go tiger spotting in the surrounding Syari valley.

tree house resorts in India

5. Tranquil Resort, Wayanad, Kerala

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Why it’s worth a visit: Deep in the Wayanad forest, this resort is built on 400 acres of coffee and spice plantation. You will get a happy, homestay experience at the two idyllic tree houses that are perched at a height of 45 ft above ground.

Things to do: Whenever you are in Kerala, you should always get a local ayurvedic massage and the same holds true for this vacation. After refreshing your body you can explore the coffee plantation with special furry friends from the resort who accompany tourists on their adventure. If you are an early riser, go bird watching — there are more than 120 species of birds on the plantation.

treehouse resorts in india

6. Elephant Valley, Kodaikanal

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Why it’s worth a visit: It is built on the border of a national forest close to the elephant migration route. So you’ll get to see a big herd of jumbos crossing the road every time you peek from the window.

Things to do: Visit their private coffee farm and learn how their 100% Arabica coffee beans are cultivated and processed.

tree house resorts in India

7. Mawlynnong Tree House, Meghalaya


Why it’s worth a visit: Mawlynnong holds the honourable distinction of being the cleanest village in Asia. The government tree house is built close to the famous ‘living roots bridges’ made entirely of natural roots intertwined with each other. An eco-friendly heaven!

Things to do: Visit the 85 feet high sky view tower (made entirely of bamboo) for a great view of the picturesque Khasi hills. Mawlynnong waterfall is another beautiful place to unwind.

tree house resorts in india