September 5, 2017

Why did Honey Singh fall off the map of Bollywood? How did Zeenat Aman almost lose vision in one eye? Take a look at some unusual life stories of Bollywood stars that deserve to be told on the big screen.

1. Irrfan Khan – From Rags To Riches

Had Irrfan Khan been happy refilling tyres at his father’s shop in Tonk (near Jaipur), Bollywood would not have got a gem like him. He came from a royal lineage but grew up in a humble background with his father working as a mechanic.

Acting happened by chance to Irrfan. He wanted to be a cricketer but his family disapproved. Luckily he got selected at National School of Drama by lying about his theatre experience. From there on, it had been a struggle to get his extraordinary talent noticed above his ordinary looks. Huge recognition finally came his way a few year ago with his movie Lunchbox, which was acclaimed internationally. Since then, he has gone on to star in many Hollywood projects – most notably Slumdog Millionaire and Life with Pi. His story of luck, hard work, and immense talent is what a good film script looks like.

life stories of Bollywood stars

A young Irrfan in his first film, Salaam Bombay. His role was later cut from the movie

2. Zeenat Aman – A Love Story Turned Sour

Zeenat Aman had a disastrous debut in Bollywood at the age of 18 and was ready to give up when she was offered the role of ‘Janet’ in Hare Ram Hare Krishna. Thus began her successful 40 years journey in the film industry. While her career seemed smooth sailing, her personal life was in a huge turmoil. She was in love with actor Sanjay Khan, who was married with 3 kids. They got secretly married in 1978 but then came the ugly incident that changed it all.

In 1980, an inebriated Sanjay beat her mercilessly at a party in front of all the guests – none of whom stepped forward to help her. She almost lost vision in her right eye and had a swollen face after the incident. The emotionally and physically battered Zeenat then took an impromptu decision to leave Sanjay and marry a small time unsuccessful actor, Mazhar Khan. Unfortunately for her, she again got stuck in an abusive and unfaithful relationship yet again. Her personal journey took almost a lifetime to find peace. A very relatable story, we think!

life stories of Bollywood stars

Zeenat Aman with Sanjay Khan

3. Nawazuddin Siddiqui – The Eternal Struggler

In his own words, Nawazuddin says, “in my village, only three things work: gehu (wheat), ganna (sugarcane) and gun.” The fear of gun violence is what made a lanky young boy leave his native village of Muzzafarnagar in Uttar Pradesh to make his life in a big city. Nawzuddin worked odd jobs, including as a watchman for several years to fuel his passion of pursuing acting.

After doing odd roles, recognition came his way in the form of a National Award for Gangs of Wasseypur. There has been no looking back in terms of his career. Interestingly, he feels that he is still struggling to get good work as neither his looks nor personality fit the image of a quintessential Bollywood hero. Now here’s a story we would love to watch.

life stories of Bollywood stars

4. Honey Singh – Where Did He Go?

That was the question on every fan’s mind when the rapper went missing from Bollywood music scene almost overnight. He had reached the peak of stardom with his songs ruling the charts, but after he disappeared for over 18 months, his name and legacy have been nearly forgotten. He opened up recently about his absence and spoke of his alcohol addiction and bipolar disorder. Will he make music again? Will he get back to acting? The “Gabru’s” life story needs to be told.

life stories of Bollywood stars

5. Vidya Balan – From Jinxed To Lucky Mascot

The kind of roadblocks Vidya Balan faced her way are not for a person of lesser mettle. She got tagged as ‘jinxed’ when her first serial failed to take off, her debut film got shelved and was chucked out of nearly 25 films. After appearing in music videos and regional films for over a decade, she finally found success with “Parineeta” in 2005.

After that, even though she earned many accolades for acting, she remained under intense scrutiny for her weight and fashion choices. She silenced all critics when she won the National Award for “The Dirty Picture” and proved that talent comes in all shapes and forms.

life stories of Bollywood stars