July 11, 2016

If your morning routine is a whirlwind of emails, showers, lunchboxes and to-do lists, maybe you’re looking to starting your day on a more soothing note? Your everyday routine can play a major role in deciding how happy, healthy and productive you are, so why not let it energise you for the rest of your busy day. While there is no “right” way to go, we did notice some commonalities in the routines of some successful women – now get out of bed, eat a hearty breakfast and get cracking, ladies! Coffee? No thanks, I’ll have my natural energiser.

Here are some of the essential components of a morning ritual:


We recommend at least 500 ml of water first thing in the morning. You can squeeze in some lemon juice for a refreshing drink  and with every sip of freshness you cut a little body fat too. There’s a morning routine to energise and lift your spirits!

morning routine

Physical Activity

Engaging in some sort of physical movements early in the day is good signal to your body that the day has started. Some light stretching exercises, workouts, yoga can be a great way to spend those precious moments in the morning. This is best followed by meditation to clear the head and compose yourself for the day ahead.

morning routine


Keep in mind, your productivity during the day is largely dependent on your ability to perform. Healthy, nourishing food provides the right fuel to your body. Today there is ample research that show that you must have a solid breakfast to keep your energy levels high all through the day. Of course, what you eat depends on your fitness goals and preferences but make breakfast a priority – the consequences of not including it in your morning routine can be quite punishing.

morning routine

Breathe. Smile and Feel Gratitude.

The first thing that most successful people avoid is checking their phones. Instead, they take a few moments to breathe deeply, feel gratitude and set their intention for the day. You should also set your goals for the day as part of your morning ritual. This will help direct your energies in one particular direction than starting your day with no clear idea of what you want from it.

morning routine

The best morning ritual is short and efficient – not more than an hour or two. It may take some time to get accustomed to a morning ritual, but once you have done it for a short period, it will become like second nature to you and you can begin to reap the benefits. Do your best to stick to your routine even on days when you are travelling, keep that lovely smile in place and be your best self, girls.