September 8, 2017

Running late for a party again? Aren’t you always? Keep an arsenal of fail safe pieces in your wardrobe so that you never have to worry about attending another event again. These last minute styling ideas are all that you need to take on the upcoming festive season in style.

1. Make An Instant Statement With Bold Jewellery

If you didn’t go for festive shopping and are only left with a Plain Jane outfit, you can add an instant burst of colour to your look with big, bold jewellery. Take an inspiration from these vibrant pieces.

Do it right: Don’t worry about matching the colour of your jewellery to the outfit. The more contrast, the more it will stand out.

last minute styling ideas

2. Carry A Bling Clutch

If you wish to sparkle in your circle, bling-it-on with a clutch. They pair perfectly with monochrome outfits and LBDs.

Do it right: Although your clutch doesn’t have to match your dress, make sure it is from the same colour family. If you are wearing big jewellery pieces, then don’t carry an embellished or studded purse as it can make you look too ‘blingy’.

last minute styling ideas

3. Create Instant Drama To Your Outfit With Embellished Jacket

So you thought of wearing last year’s lehenga but turns out that the choli is too tight? Happens when you are least prepared. Don’t worry and wear an embellished jacket over your lehenga. This is a perfect ethno-modern fusion that will make you stand out at parties.

Do it right: Wear an ethnic belt over the jacket. Here are some more ideas to style your jacket right with different kinds of outfits.


last minute styling ideas

4. Make A Fashion Statement With A Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings add the right amount of style and sex appeal.  They look great with festive clothes that seem to be missing the final touch.

Do it right: Your hand is going to draw a lot of attention, so make sure your nails are perfectly groomed.

last minute styling ideas

5. Cape It

Add flair to your outfit with a cape. These versatile pieces are easy to wear and go with any kind of outfit from pants to skirts. Get a cape choli made with an old lehenga to make it look instantly dressy.

Do it right: Coordinate your accessories carefully with a cape. Long necklaces gel really well with it.

last minute styling ideas

6. A Big Matha Tika When You Have No Time To Do Your Hair

Got no time for an elaborate hairstyle? If you are running late to a party, then simply tie up your hair in a bun and let them shine with a matha tika.

Do it right: Follow these matha tika styles for every occasion.

last minute styling ideas

7. Wear A Stitched Sari

Ain’t nobody got time to drape the whole nine yards. Simply put on a stitched sari and you are ready to step out the door in style.

Do it right: Making your accessories too matchy-matchy with a sari is a cardinal sin. There’s too much going on with your sari already (if it is printed or embellished). And also go easy on piling those bangles, will you?

last minute styling ideas