June 30, 2016

Don’t let that frightfully unpleasant weather play party pooper to your date with the kids. If quality time with your little one is what you’re looking for, then make sure you add one of these indoor adventures to your agenda.

Scrub and Shine

Ever wanted to give your tot’s toys a nice good scrub? Not only because they’re pretty much always on the floor, but also because of the putrid things they’ve been in contact with. Simply gather all the toys that require cleaning, a bucket of soapy water and some colourful sponges and get your toddler to do a little scrubbing. It’s amazing how an activity that you’ve been petrified of all this while can give your little champ all the happiness in the world.

indoor adventures

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

What’s half as good as binging on cupcakes? Baking some, maybe. It’s funny how ingredients and mixing them up can bring a spontaneous smile on your toddler’s face. Regardless of whether you’re doing it right, the thought of mashing all those ingredients in an unabashed manner seems very appealing to kids. Don’t forget the icing in all its colorful magnificence- red, blue, green, yellow- spare none.

indoor adventures

A note to future me?

How do you think your tot would react to writing a letter to their future selves? While they may not quite be thrilled, it remains a novel idea that they will cherish when they grow up.

Create a fun time capsule with all sorts of information in it, such as their grades, plans for the summer, hobbies, favorite movies, songs and so on. Make sure to put all of this into an airtight container and bury it in your backyard. Do not forget where you shoved it and wait for a sunny day in the distant future to lead your child to it. The smile on his face will be worth a million dollars.

indoor adventures

Indoor Camping

The concept of indoor camping grows on you and before you know it, you’re gleefully toasting s’mores over the fireplace or the flames of your stove, if lighting up a fireplace seems a bit too much during summer.

indoor adventures

Some Robinson Crusoe Time

Create your very own treasure map and lay hints all over to keep your toddler preoccupied. A scavenger hunts all around the house in quest for that indelible treasure. What’s more, you could add a few gifts here and there in order to keep your little one intrigued and interested.

indoor adventures