December 23, 2017

In Your Shoes

If clothes maketh a man, then the right pair of footwear can make one practically royalty. And no retailer understands this better than Berleigh, a luxury multi-brand footwear and accessories retailer. With the finest collection of casual and formal shoes for men and women from across the world, the brand lays down luxury at your feet, literally. And it’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to buy luxury footwear.

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With stores in Mumbai and Delhi, in India, the retailer which is part of the DAR group, sources brands like Andrés Sendra and Magnanni from Spain, Duke & Dexter from London and Schutz from Brazil. What makes it the right choice for you is the care and attention paid by experts at Berleigh who scour the world to bring products that are both fashion forward and timeless simultaneously.

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Did You Hear About Their Services?

Berlieigh is so much more than just a store to buy that decadent pair of shoes. Its other services clinch the deal that this is a brand that truly cares about its clients. Case in point its shoe care services. The company offers a personalized shoe care service in which an expert will not only ensure your favourite pair of shoes are at the pinnacle of good condition but also walk you through the whole process.

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The Experts Can Handle This For You

If you want your shoes to last a long time and looking on fleek, then lovingly tending to them is how one can safeguard them from wear and tear. Especially when shoes are created with the finest leather. They must be brushed, moisturized and polished to look like a million bucks. But not everyone knows the exactly how this can be achieved and that’s where someone with the knowhow and the understanding of the product can really step in and save the day.

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Your very own personal shopper

Sometimes you want to get yourself the pair perfect of shoes for your dream outfit but you have no clue where to start or you are overwhelmed by the bevy of choices available to you. At Berleigh, this is problem that gets easily addressed as one of its services, called Privé by Berleigh, is the personal shopping experience that you have been dreaming of. All you have to do is pick an outfit and set up an appointment.

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Everything At Your Convenience

You can even pick a location where the Berleigh sales specialist will arrive to provide you with the dream shopping experience. On the day of the appointment, the specialist will walk you through a massive collection of footwear that will perfectly pair with your outfit. And just like that, right from the convenience of your home, you will have the most perfect ensemble that will definitely elevate your style and your game. In fact, Berleigh even offers a modified version of this service wherein sale specialists will help an entire group of people get ready for events that are either for business or for pleasure. Oh, who’re we kidding? This is all pleasure. And that’s exactly Berleigh’s modus operandi.