January 8, 2018

Not all shoes are created equal. That’s why your leather shoes require a little more attention than your everyday sneakers. With proper care and maintenance, they will not only look shiny but will also last you longer. Learn how to take care of leather shoes the right way to add more life to them.

1. Polish Them Often

Without proper conditioning, leather can dry out and eventually crack. Give them a good polish as soon as you take them out of the box. Polish or at least rub them down each time you put them on.

Things to keep in mind: Test out the polish on a small, less conspicuous area of the shoe to see if it matches the colour. Then rub it in with a soft cloth instead of a brush to ensure it spreads out evenly. Once the polish is dry, buff them with the same cloth.

how to take care of leather shoes

2. Protect Your Seude

Seude leather needs more care. Instead of polish, use a protective spray to prevent damage from water, mud and salt. If they are stained, invest in a suede eraser to target specific areas. Then follow it with a thorough brushing to keep the suede healthy.

Things to keep in mind: Always brush suede in the same direction. Brushing in different directions can make it look two-toned.

3. Stuff Them With A Newspaper

Leather is malleable and can lose its shape if not attended to over time. If you are not going to wear your leather boots for a while, scrunch up some old newspaper and stuff it inside to protect their shape. It also helps soak up excess moisture and will keep them fresh longer.

Things to keep in mind: Instead of newspaper, you can also use some rolled-up old, winter socks. Fill them up with baking soda to absorb all the odour.

how to take care of leather shoes

4. Don’t Ignore The Soles

Soles catch the maximum amount of dirt and mystery gunk that can greatly affect the overall life of your sandals. Make it a habit to clean out the soles at least once a week. Dip a toothbrush in any household cleaning and work it into all the sides and crevices of the sole until all the dirt comes off.

Things to keep in mind: Check the soles regularly for wear and tear. If the heels feel uneven or worn down on one side, take them to a cobbler for repair.

how to take care of leather shoes

5. Avoid the Sponge

While sponging can add an instant shine to your shoes, it is hard to tell what chemicals have been put into it. It may end up doing more harm than good. When purchasing your expensive boots, go ahead and invest in a shoe care kit that contains essentials like a natural hair brush.

Things to keep in mind:  The best shine is achieved by briskly rubbing a soft cloth in a side-to-side motion. Keep an extra cloth handy at your work area to keep the shine on.

how to take care of leather shoes

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