November 2, 2016

Already booked your holiday? Then it’s time to bring out all those cute dresses, trendy jackets and chic accessories to make sure you look ‘clickable’ at all times during your vacation. If it were up to us, we would pack our entire cupboard into a suitcase. But what to do when your bags are tiny and your list of items is never ending? Let us show you how to pack your suitcase smartly without wrinkled clothes, spilled lotions and tangled jewellery.  With these 7 hacks, you can drive all your packing blues away.

how to pack your suitcase

1. Make a Checklist

There’s always something you forget at the last minute. It’s best to make a checklist before you start packing. Some vital things to include would be medicines, toiletries, lingerie, and important documents such as passport, visa, travel itineraries, insurance, hotel booking voucher, and electronic chargers for your gadgets. Once these items are set, then its time for the main task – packing clothes.

2. Roll it Right

The simplest way to fit maximum clothes in a bag is to roll them up.  Lay your jeans and shirts flat on a bed, and roll them tight. Arrange them in your bag as you like, and you will still have a lot of free space. Folding usually causes wrinkling and creases on clothes but in this way, your clothes will be perfectly preserved.

How to pack your suitcase

3. Shoe Away the Mud

You might have packed your shoes nicely when arriving at your destination but while leaving how do you pack muddy shoes? Just grab a shower cap from the hotel toiletries. Place your lovely pumps inside the shower cap and your very own shoe-bag is ready. The shower cap elastic will hold them in place so you can store them easily in your bag.

How to pack your suitcase

4. Zip Lock It

Finding your headphones from a bag full of stuff can be painful. Just zip lock it and you can pull it out in a jiffy. Those plastic pouches are also good for carrying your toiletries hassle free. This way you can also avoid lotion spills or shampoo overflows on your clothes. To be absolutely safe though, add a layer of plastic wrap before placing them on zip lock.

how to pack your suitcase

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5. Keep Jewellery Safe

Losing small pieces of jewellery or spoiling them while travelling is something we all dread. Take some small boxes such as pill compartments or film roll containers. Put your precious trinkets in these to keep them safe. In case you are carrying expensive stuff, it is better to wear them or just keep them close in your handbag.

how to pack your suitcase

6. Find Lingerie Easily

This can be a difficult task if your suitcase is unorganized. Here is what you should do. Place your bras one top of each other and stuff them with your panties.  This will help the bras maintain their shape and keep your delicates in one place. To save more space, fold the bra stack in half.

7. Pack Fragile Items Safely

Keep them wrapped in  a sturdy piece of cloth and place them in the middle of the suitcase. If you are carrying bottles of perfumes, put them inside your socks for safety.

How to Pack your Suitcase

Follow these hacks and you will be happily singing ‘All my bags are packed, and I am ready to go’!