July 5, 2017

It’s the perfect time to wear a bikini but the thought of waxing the nether bits will make any girl break a sweat. It’s a necessary evil that has to be dealt with every month. But it doesn’t have to hurt so much every time if you know these tricks. Learn here how to make bikini wax hurt less so that your next appointment will go smoother.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes the layer of dead skin and exposes short hair. So when you get a waxing done, all your hair will be pulled in a single strip saving you from additional pain.

How to Make Bikini Wax Hurt Less

2. Never wax just before your periods

Avoiding waxing 3-4 days before your date. Your skin is extra sensitive at that time.

How to Make Bikini Wax Hurt Less

3. Let your hair grow at least half an inch long

Short hair is hard to pull from the roots. You don’t want the beautician to wax over and over the same spot.

How to Make Bikini Wax Hurt Less

4. Don’t miss your monthly appointment

With time, your growth will reduce and your pain threshold will also increase. Don’t skip your monthly waxing appointment though even if you know you are not going to be wearing a bikini anytime soon. The last thing you want is waxing on a full growth.

How to Make Bikini Wax Hurt Less

5. Don’t feel conscious

It’s not just the pain but the fear of the oncoming pain that adds to your misery. Also, if you feel conscious about exposing yourself, you will not be able to relax your muscles. Stick with one particular beautician for the waxing appointment so you can loosen up. Also, try to distract yourself with music when the strips are being pulled.

how to make bikini wax hurt less

6. Take deep breaths

Don’t hold your breath. Take deep breaths as the wax is being applied. It will calm you down. Remember, 10 minutes more and you’ll be done.

How to Make Bikini Wax Hurt Less

7. Pop a pill

If you are super sensitive to pain, then pop a combiflam or any other over the counter pain reliever an hour before your session.

How to Make Bikini Wax Hurt Less

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