April 24, 2018

Love gorging on mangoes and watermelons? Sadly you are not the only one who enjoys the luscious summer fruits. Pesky fruit flies seem to be always after your fresh haul in the hot, summer months. Learn how to get rid of fruit flies naturally and keep your eatables safe.

how to get rid of fruit flies

1. Soap And Vinegar

Why it works: Flies love the smell of vinegar and will be instantly attracted to it.

How to do it: Fill a small container with vinegar and add three drops of liquid dish soap to it. Leave it uncovered near your fruit bowl. The flies will sink and drown in the solution. Change the mixture every day.

2. Red Wine

Why it works: Like vinegar, flies are attracted to the strong smell of red wine too.

How to do it: Leave an open and almost empty red wine bottle near the fruits. Once the flies enter inside, the bottleneck will act as a trap and will prevent them from buzzing on the fruits.

3. Ripe Fruit and Paper Cone

Why it works: The paper cone, like a plastic wrap, acts as a natural trap for the flies.

How to do it: Take a chunk of a very ripe fruit that has a strong scent like a banana. Place it in a mason jar and add three drops of vinegar. Make a paper cone and cover the opening of the jar with it. The flies will be drawn to the scent but won’t be able to get out of the jar.

4. Use Fly Strips

Why it works: Flies get easily stuck on these glue strips.

How to do it: Hang the strips in all the problematic areas. These are good for getting rid of mosquitoes too.

5. Milk And Sugar Mixture

Why it works: The strong smell draws the flies in and they quickly drown in the solution.

How to do it: Boil 100 ml milk with 2 tablespoon sugar and a generous heap of fresh ground pepper. Pour the mixture into a bowl and keep near fresh fruits to keep the pesky flies away.