February 5, 2018

Trying to lose that holiday fat? You can work your way through hiding the winter weight gain but one thing that will always be right out in the open is a double chin. Learn how to get rid of double chin with these 4 easy yoga poses.

how to get rid of double chin

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1. The Lip Pull

How to do it: Sit in the lotus pose with your neck straight. Push out your lower jaw with your lower lip sticking out. You will feel a pull in your jawline and chin muscles. Hold the pose for 2-3 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Additional Benefits: This will also give your high cheekbones and a prominent jawline making you look years younger.

2. The Chin Lift

How to do it: This pose can simply be termed as ‘kissing the ceiling’. Roll your neck backwards with your face pointing towards the ceiling. Now pucker your lips as if trying to kiss. Make sure you pucker your lower lip as tight as possible till you feel a pull in your chin muscle. Hold the pose for a few seconds and repeat 10 times.

Additional benefits: This pose will also smoothen your neck wrinkles.

3. The Chin Lock

How to do it: Sit in the lotus position. Place your hands on the knees and lift your shoulders up to your ears. Now draw in a deep breath, bend your neck down and press your chin firmly between your collar bones. Release your breath as you lift your neck up. Repeat not more than 10 times.

Additional benefits: This pose will also release the tension in the back of your neck.

4. The Jaw Release

How to do it: Tilt your neck back with face towards the ceiling. Now open your lower jaw as wide as possible and close it back tightly. Make sure you do this slowly to avoid any muscle pull in your jawline.

Additional benefits: This will also reduce the fat around your cheeks.

Before you get started…

It’s important to ease into any kind of exercise routine slowly and not overdo it. Keep a few things in mind as you work your way to that sculpted chin.

– Do not do these exercise more than once a day as it will not give any additional toning.

– Avoid sudden, jerky movements with your jaw to avoid pain

– Always focus on your breathing when doing these exercises. The real benefit yoga lies in perfecting breathing techniques.

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