April 12, 2017

To an outside observer, a person may appear to have it all together. You may never know behind those good grades, fun outings, and a generally happy disposition, the person could be suffering from depression. It can take many forms. It looks like Deepika Padukone. It looks like Robin Williams. It may also look like your colleague who just got married. They are a part of a growing contingent. But because of the stigma, many don’t know how to deal with depression and choose to hide their sadness – sometimes until it’s too late.

Let’s Talk about It

It’s not something you can just ‘get over’. Depression is a mental health disorder that needs to be treated with medicines and counselling. But first, we need to address the awkwardness around it. What to say and how to act around a depressed person? AIB’s video on depression shows how ridiculously insensitive we can be to the issue.

So, let these tweets clear some of your myths, misconceptions about the disease and show you how you can help.

1. It is Real

2. It’s not just in the Head

3. It Hides in many forms

4. It feels like being alone in a crowd

5. Never think it’s just a phase

6. It may even hide behind a smile

7. Notice the subtle changes

8. Educate Yourself

9. Reach Out

10. Let them know you are there

Watch AIB’s full video here on ‘what not to say’ to someone suffering from depression.

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