February 8, 2017

Is it possible to find love on Tinder? Maybe, but only if you have lots of patience and an index finger of a Ninja to keep swiping right. 7 users on Quora and Reddit shared their scary, creepy, funny and sweet stories of using the popular app. Read about their Tinder dating experience and decide for yourself whether you want to dive into this online dating game. Here are the stories in their own words.

Tinder dating experience

1. Didn’t Even Get a Hello

Being a guy on Tinder is not easy.

Initial days on Tinder are the stud days. You are very picky. You check all the pictures carefully, read the complete bio, learn about their interests, hobbies, etc before deciding which way to swipe. But over next few days of rigorous swiping with no match, the feeling of disappointment starts dawning over you.

More weeks pass. Still no matches. You check the mirror and are certain that you’re ugly.

It’s a never ending circle. You’re now trapped here. Staying here is frustrating, escaping is confusing, because you have already invested so much time and swipes in it, you can’t just let it go.

With a heavy heart, I uninstalled Tinder. One week later, my friend texted his selfie with a hot girl and a message, “Look bro, what I found on Tinder.” I cried.

— Mirza Zaidi, New Delhi

2. Got off to a Good Start

We were completely head over heels in love. We were both nervous to meet each other, everything was so perfect over text that we didn’t want to shatter it. It was amazing. Like we had known each other for a year but then something happened. Schedules didn’t sync up and things kind of fell apart. The connection wasn’t maintained and I’m still getting over it. So shocked because it was so short lived.

— Anonymous

3. Matched with the Wrong Gender

I had not used Tinder for 2-3 months. When I opened it one day, I had around 20–25 matches – it was all boys. I was surprised to see as why do guys want to match up with me. They all turned out to be horny gays sending me dirty messages. Uninstalled Tinder immediately.

— Rahul Sinha, Pune

4. Nearly got into a Fraud

I had this roommate of mine who’s crazy about girls. There was one girl from a middle east country who was good looking matched with him. He was super excited and chatted with her day and night.

He suddenly received a phone call from a person who claimed to be the father of the girl.

The man told him that “Yesterday I caught my daughter talking to you and I broke her phone. It costs 800$ and if you’re willing to pay me 800$, I will not lodge a case against you son”. One should see the look on my friend’s face. He was terrified.

We checked about Tinder fraud on Google and found out the same story written by some 100 people.

He deleted Tinder immediately and never trusted social media again.

— Ram Chaitanya, Columbia, US

5. Found True Love

My best friend got married to a guy she met on tinder and they’re very happy living together now.

–Franco Falashi, Argentina

6. Almost Good, but not Quite

She was chill and good looking. We went to a restaurant and chatted for like 5 hours non-stop. She was my type, but I couldn’t get past the fact that she was a smoker (I have a healthy lifestyle, I play sports and eat well… I can’t stand cigarettes). I let her know politely and she was cool about it. We had 3 or 4 dates and stopped from there.

 — Royal Paper

7. Came Across Only Creeps

When I say I want to hook up, most of the responses are ‘how many have you fucked’. Then there were the do fraandship with me guys, Oh GOD.

I’ve been frustrated and have left the app now.

— Anonymous

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