December 28, 2016

Negative experiences are like Velcro – they always stick in our minds. While positive ones are like Teflon – non sticky. That’s why our mind is always cluttered with negative thoughts and energy. Ever felt anxious, worried, depressed or empty? It’s  these bad emotions that are playing on a loop. You need to shake them off or they will weigh you down. But how? Simply, by showing gratefulness to the happy things around you and focusing on the positive. The power of gratitude is so strong that it can not only heal emotional wounds but also transform your personality. So ladies, as the year comes to an end, let us all shed gloomy thoughts and say thanks to everyone who made our lives better in 2016. Here’s how:

1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Remember those old days when we used to pen our thoughts to “dear diary”? Writing down your feelings is actually a good way to deal with them. Before you go to bed, write at least 3 positive things that happened to you today. It can be as simple as noticing a beautiful flower, to having a nice conversation with a friend or something that made you laugh. Recording these positive experiences will help you cultivate a sense of appreciation and your mind will begin to focus on the small happy moments of everyday life.

power of gratittude

2. Show Your Appreciation

We often take people around us for granted. We easily forget the amazing things others do for us. They are everywhere. From the waiter who served you coffee to the delivery boy who made your life easier by bringing food to your doorstep. Saying ‘Thank You’ may seem quite indifferent. Instead say kind words like “you did a good job”, “I liked your service” and see their faces light up instantly. Your small words will definitely brighten up their mood and make their day. And believe it or not, they will personally remember you for a long time. Kindness is not easily forgotten.

3. Don’t Gossip or Judge

Whether consciously or unconsciously – we all gossip and judge everyday. These negative words and thoughts cloud our mind and we always use this lens to look at others. Everyone has a good as well as a bad side to their personality – it’s up to you how you look at them. If you focus on the bad you may end up hurting or losing someone. If you focus on the good, you may actually help them become better. Remember, positivity breeds positivity.

4. Give and Get Hugs

Touch is a very powerful way to heal. Just like little babies, touch can instantly calm down and reassure a person. Hug the people you love everyday. Just by holding someone in your arms, you are telling them that you are there for them. This small gesture can relieve their stress, frustration and deepen the love.

5. Smile, Make Eye Contact

This is such a simple thing, yet we struggle with it. Force yourself to cultivate the habit to smile more and look at everyone in the eye when they talk to you. Yes, this means putting your smartphones down. This little personal attention is very hard to find, and it shows that you sincerely respect the person. Also, put a smile on your face when you greet others. It is infectious and will force the other person to smile as well.

6. Remember You Have It Better Than Others

If you keep looking at people above you, you will always be frustrated about the things that you don’t have, the kind of money you don’t make or the life you don’t enjoy. This pent up frustration will turn you into a negative person. Instead, look at those people who are less fortunate than you. You live in a safe home, sleep on a comfortable bed and have good food to eat everyday. Your life is infinitely better than millions of people around the world. That is something to be really thankful for.

7. Love Yourself

Don’t forget to show self love. Be thankful to have a healthy body and mind. Practice deep breathing and meditation everyday. Focus your mind on positive thinking and train your brain to let go of things that cause you pain.

power of gratitude