January 20, 2017

Being in your 20s can be tough. You are no longer a kid, neither are you a very mature and experienced adult. There are so many complex emotions at play this time, that sometimes one can feel – well, frustrated. Especially, if boys don’t understand or respect our viewpoint. That’s when we can go either full bazooka on them or try to tiptoe on a fineline between decency and just not caring. There are many ‘he said, she said’ situations that every girl in her 20s can relate to.

Tell us whether your answers are mostly A, B or C and we’ll tell you what kind of girl you are.

1. The Bad Date Dilemma

he said, she said

2. Not Another Boring Valentine, Please!

he said, she said

3.  Meeting the Mom

he said, she said

4. The Mush Factor

he said, she said

5. The Boyfriend Complex

he said, she said

6. I’m a Survivor

he said, she said

7. Don’t Go There, Guys!

he said, she said

Mostly As: The Pacifist

You try to take the middle path without hurting others’ feelings too much. You wear your heart on your sleeve and can sometimes get too carried away with emotions. Go easy on the ice cream, girl.

Mostly Bs: The Still Figuring It Out Girl

Well most of us are still figuring out life, so don’t worry. You can be equally awkward or really smart – depending on a situation. But it’s surely fun to be with you.

Mostly Cs: The No-Nosense Girl

God save those who mess with you. You are very clear in your emotions and actions and know exactly what you want. You don’t suffer fools gladly and would rather focus on yourself.

Have you faced any similar he said, she said situations? Tell us how do you react.