July 9, 2016

Too busy to spend time shampooing your hair? How about a hair trick to cut your shower time in half, for all those beautiful ladies on the go? Before you reach for that dry shampoo for the hundredth time, use this hack.

Thanks to Jeffrey Jagling, a hair stylist in New York City, we now have a hair washing trick that cuts your shower time, giving you clean hair in a jiffy and of course those precious extra minutes before you dash out of the house. As per the recommendation of the stylist in Good Housekeeping, to save time, you need to wash and condition your hair simultaneously and not in two separate steps. “Shampoo is intended to cleanse the oil and buildup at the root of your hair, so it can dry the ends of your hair out,” explains Jagling.

Let’s change it up, ladies. Apply shampoo on just the roots of the hair and the conditioner on the ends.

hair trick

Photo Credits: Good Housekeeping

Now how much time saving is that! And you know what they say, girls; time is money. So save that extra shampoo, your precious time and your oh-so-valuable money.

hair trick

If at the end of it all, you feel like your hair can do with some more pampering, follow up with some extra conditioning. This may require you to spend a bit more time in the shower, but is a great hair trick to save time and hydrate your strands some more. Hello beautiful locks.

Simple yet brilliant, this trick offers a great way to thoroughly cleanse and condition the hair without going the traditional way; works great for those days when every minute counts.

This post originally appeared in Good Housekeeping.

Featured image credits: www.oprah.com