August 4, 2016

Pep up your look this season with hair colour recommendations for our desi girls out there. Here’s how you can pick hair colour that will work best for you, based on your skin tone and of course, those dark, luscious locks!

Neon Pink

hair colour

All over, highlights or a lovely dip-dye in hot pink can give you a pop of colour and some glow if your skin has those pink undertones.

Neon Blue

hair colour

Courtesy: Pinterest

Not only does the blue look lovely against dark hair, but it looks even richer against darker skin tones. For our fairer ladies out there, we would suggest going for a deeper colour, or maybe something more on the pastel side.

Neon Orange

hair colour

Courtesy: Pinterest

Orange hair ties your earthy features together to pack one heck of a pop punch. For girls with lighter skin tones, we suggest a dark-to-neon ombre look to prevent the colour from looking harsh against your skin.

Royal Blue

Light-toned skin or dull looking skin? Transform your entire look with a little bit of experiment with the Royal Blue hair color. Try it today we say1

Royal Purple

hair colour

Courtesy: slodive

Get vibrant this festive season with a dash of royal purple. Purple is known as one of the most demanded and flattering shades. You may also highlight it on bright blue hair colour to give you wheatish skin tone a new glow.


hair colour

Courtesy: Hair Pedia Club

Just like classic red wine, swirls of reds and purples in your hair are great for all skin tones. If you have natural dark hair, then trying out maroon with purple tones.

Deep Red

hair colour

Courtesy: PoonPo

Redheads are known to be fierce and fun with an attitude to take on the world. This versatile hair colour works well with any skin tone because of its depth. A wavy side parting with a curling iron is a great way to flaunt the sexy deep red colour. Add extra glow at the lock ends with a shine serum.

Pastel Blue

hair colour

Courtesy: Dyed Dollies

If you are a fan of Frozen the film, this is the perfect shade for you! Pastel blue looks amazing on light skin tones. Those who can manage to wear blue lenses, are going to nail the entire look.

Pastel Pink

hair colour

Courtesy: Rebloggy

If you are a Frozen princess with astonishingly fair skin, the pastel pink is your shade. It adds a vibrant yet subtle colour to your pale skin tone and perfectly compliments your  icy blue eyes. Try out this shade and instantly fall in love with your own look.


hair colour

Courtesy: Pinterest

If you are looking for unique then this light, almost white, shade of purple is the best choice. It compliments any skin tone, from dark to pale white. While dark hair girls would have to use bleach to flaunt this shade perfectly, blondes can easily carry it off without the bleach.

Rose Gold

hair colour

Courtesy: InStyle

Celebrities and other folk are embracing this shimmering blend of pink, red and blonde shades giving a perfect makeover to your look this summer. If you have light coloured hair with pale white skin and light coloured eyes, then rose gold is the hair colour you would want to try out.


Experimenting with hair colour would definitely pep up your desi look. But dyeing your hair silver is a bold step. With celebrities and socialites flaunting their silver locks, trend trackers are trying it on too. Not limited to a single skin tone, silver is the preferred and fun colour for your hair this season.

And if after everything you still don’t feel comfortable playing around with your natural locks, you can always opt for a no-mess solution – yes we are talking wigs and hair extensions!