July 26, 2016

It is amazing how we indulge in self-hate every single day. We don’t like our looks, our clothes, our bank balance, our cars or even our homes. We covet what our neighbors have and want to be like them. However, this will not get you anywhere unless you learn to love yourself. When you start to love yourself, it will transform your life. Love thy neighbour, sure – but first, love thyself.

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Many people hide from themselves. They don’t really know who they are, what they want and what they really feel. That is why it is important you delve deep within to find out who and what you really are. If you are honest with yourself, you will have the ability to change for the better and this you can do by taking care of and loving yourself.

It is prudent to remember that each life is a journey of self-discovery. You will find out good and bad things about yourself. The key to loving yourself is to embrace both, but espousing the good and trying to do away with the bad. Even your inability to do some things not as well as others and idiosyncrasies are qualities that are unique and hence, appreciable.

Accept Yourself Unconditionally

Unfortunately, many of us are unable to love ourselves unless we put into place certain conditions. An overweight person will say that they will love themselves only if they lose weight, and someone else may claim that they will love themselves only if they get a job that pays them what they deserve. These little conditions that we put don’t allow us to accept who we are. This hinders our progress on a spiritual level and causes an imbalance on all levels.

This thought process has to change. You have to learn to love and accept yourself as you are, without any conditions. To change the world and those around you, it is imperative that you first accept yourself for what and who you are. Once you do this, you will learn to spy the good in others as well.

Be In-charge of Your Life

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Don’t let not loving yourself become the rule in your life. How you perceive yourself molds your reality. The moment you change this perception about yourself, your reality will begin to change. If you cannot learn to love yourself, this fact is not going to change tomorrow or the day after. As a result, it will always pose an obstacle in your path, preventing you from attaining your dreams and living to your potential.

Loving yourself lets you change your life for the better. When you truly love yourself, you can live life to its full potential, conquering barriers that come your way without batting an eyelid.

It is time you start to love yourself. It is never too late. You have not reached your destination and there is time to start afresh, where you wake up every single day feeling happy with who you are, and you will feel blessed for the life you have. Remember, loving yourself is a choice just like other negative emotions such as anger, sadness and hatred. The moment you make a concerted effort to embrace yourself, you let go of negative emotions. And, that is when you truly start living a truly abundant life.

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