January 18, 2017

It’s time to set your fitness goals for 2017. Looking for inspiration and motivation? Follow the fitness Instagram accounts of these 4 incredible women, who show you how to get fit, flat and fab in no time. You’ll find great tips, serious motivation, diet pointers and incredible abs on their feed. We promise, if they don’t make you eager to hit the gym, then nothing will.

Iron Ladies

If you think lifting weights will make you bulky, then VJ and actress Gurbani Judge, aka Bani, shows you how beautiful the results can be. She is as proud of her six pack abs, as she is of her grey and pink hair and tattoos. She swears by iron therapy – pumping and lifting weights and squats to get those buns of steel.

fitness Instagram accounts

Another desi Instagrammer, Nikita George, likes to mix up her weight training. She can be seen planking with 10 kgs weight on her back, as well as supporting two girls on her back.

fitness Instagram accounts

What’s in their Fridge?

Kaisa Keranen, a fitness instructor specializing in cross-fit training, follows a Paleo diet. It consists of having mainly lean proteins and an assortment of fruits and veggies. You can also munch on your favourite nuts, seeds and lean meats to get the good fats. According to Paleolithic nutrition expert, Robb Wolf, it’s a huge misconception that having ‘fat’ makes you fat. On the contrary, fat is necessary to keep you full longer. He says products such as dairy, grains, processed food, sugar and alcohol are the worst enemies of your body.

fitness Instagram accounts

If giving up roti and dairy products is too much for you, then simply make your diet green. Stock a pile of salads, steamed green veggies and fresh fruits in your fridge. This diet is loaded with fat-releasing nutrients and the fibres help cleanse your gut thoroughly.

A.J Addison, Instagrammer from Australia, shares how going green changed her life. “Last year was super healthy and I felt awesome. Previous year I threw up and slept in the car in a food coma while everyone else went to the beach. Never again!” she says. She is also obsessed with green teas to pump up her energy through the day.

Their Morning Secret

Bani’s routine is very disciplined. She goes for a 20 minutes run every morning and follows it up with a oats, whey and blueberries breakfast. She also loves protein pancakes.

Nikita on the other hand, prefers quick snacks like these before she hits the gym.

But not all of them are so hard on themselves. Kaisa thinks it’s OK to indulge once in a while. She allows herself waffles dipped in maple syrup for breakfast on the weekends.

fitness Instagram accounts

Never Give Up

“I struggled just like everyone else, it’s not easy to attain the mindset of pushing past the pain, erasing the voice that says ‘I can’t I just can’t don’t one fucking more’, of actually enjoying it and revelling in it.. But once you’re there.. Once you do the work consistently.. The results will speak for themselves,” says Bani.

All these fitness experts feel ‘excuses’ are the biggest killer of motivation. Nikita recalls how she forgot to bring shoes in her gym bag, but still went ahead with her training wearing only socks. Her fitness mantra is to prove her worth only to herself and no one else. “There’s no better feeling than changing your doubts into securities. The only person who stands to gain from this is yourself,” she says.

Another good way to never give up is to accept your bad habits that affect your fitness and slowly and steadily let them go. “Each year another old unhealthy habit is replaced by a life giving new one. Bring on 2017- the healthiest, most energetic year yet,” adds A.J who despite having a baby, joined back her fitness class within a week.

These ladies are seriously giving us some fitness goals. Here’s hoping 2017 gives you a fit and fabulous body!