March 21, 2018

A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. It goes without saying you’ve got to enjoy this momentous occasion to the hilt. Collect the assortment of family, friends and relatives and head out for an ideal destination that serves as the backdrop for a perfect wedding. Truth be told, few pleasures in life can match the heightened fun and grandeur quite like hosting the perfect destination wedding in a scenic location. It’s absorbing and away from the mundane scheme of things.

So which are some of the finest and most sought after wedding destinations in India that are a huge draw today?

1. Khajurao

Not completely a mainstream city, neither a desolate town, Khajuraho has a captivating beauty to it. Not exactly a mainstream tourist destination in India and therefore, gladly untouched by mass tourism, Khajuraho presides over a slice of magnificent traditional architecture and serenity. Located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh and an abode of countless temples, a hugely arresting facet about Khajuraho is its unique contribution to India’s artistic legacy.

Inquisitive travellers and tourists get a chance to partake in the rich legacy of this historic destination in India whilst being part of a wedding. The unmatched cleanliness of the place is a great pull toward hosting weddings here.

Best time: One could host a wedding between two different periods in an year: October to March and July to September as the weather during this time is pleasant and enjoyable.          

wedding destinations in India

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2. Alibaug

A place marked by a sense of tranquility and calm, there are few places in Maharashtra like Alibaug. The great thing about organising a wedding in Alibaug is that the destination is away from the mad bustle of Mumbai. The serenely calm town is replete with some attractive beaches that serve as an enticing spot for organising destination weddings.

Conveniently, for any last minute scenarios, the place bears great and easy access or connectivity to Mumbai.

Best time: The best time to host a peaceful wedding in Alibaug is between November and June.

wedding destinations in India

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3. Kerala

Chances are, until a few years ago, no one would have thought of Kerala in relation to wedding destinations in India. There’s this untouched serenity about Kerala that marks it as a distinctly charming destination. Not all of Kerala is flocked by tourists around the year. Add to that the great respite of having the sprawling backwaters, a groundbreaking facet about a slice of paradise they call ‘God’s own country.’

Luckily, the idea of organising destination weddings in Kerala is relatively new and even today, a virgin concept. If that’s not a great push then what is?

Best time: Kerala witnesses heavy monsoons; therefore, an ideal time to host a wedding could be between September to March.

wedding destinations in India

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4. Jaipur

The Pink City is one of those places in India that boasts of a princely charm and an attractive cultural vibe. Checkered with grandiose haveli’s, palaces and sprawling mansions, Jaipur’s often the buzzword when it comes to organizing destination weddings in India. Add to it, the rustic charm of Rajasthan and the immensely courteous hospitality of the people. It’s always fun to be part of a wedding in Rajasthan’s welcoming capital.

Best time: Since much of Rajasthan is about deserts and arid climate, the idea time to host a wedding in Jaipur is between early November to late February.

wedding destinations in India

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5. Goa

The mere utterance of the word ‘Goa’ heightens expectations like no other place, with its free-flowing breeze, beaches, the idea of a non-stop party and whatnot. Goa is always a good idea. Of late, it also happens to be a unique destination wedding location. With its perfect mix of blue skies and scenic beauty, Goa tops every list when organising beach wedding destinations in India.

Best time: The ideal time for hosting a wedding in Goa is between September end to late October, as it’s neither a peak season nor marred by monsoons.

wedding destinations in India

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6. Rishikesh

Few places essay such magnificent charm as Rishikesh when one’s considering myriad wedding destinations in India. But there’s a huge pull about Rishikesh, apart from it being a part of the Himalayan landscape.

Nestled between scenic, towering mountains and pristine fresh water lakes, Rishikesh is considered among the spiritual heartland of India. Hence, bearing direct resonance with the cultural and traditional aspects of Indian weddings.

Best time: October to March is a great period for hosting weddings as the tourist footfall is less as compared to different parts of the year.

wedding destinations in India

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7. Neemrana

One of the most unusually charming wedding destinations in India, Neemrana is growing popular by the day. Tucked in between the mad chaos of Delhi and the eye-pleasing candour of Jaipur, Neemrana has been gaining traction of late when it comes to hosting destination weddings. The quintessential Neemrana Palace Fort is a crowd-puller like no other. Perhaps it could be said that being constantly on the list of quick weekend breaks- from Delhi- has augured well for the rise of Neemrana in the ebb of hosting gala weddings.

Not touched by brooding commercialisation and slightly withdrawn from a typical urban setting lends great charm to Neemrana for organising weddings.

Best time: The period between October to December is an ideal time to host a wedding here.

wedding destinations in India

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