May 15, 2017

A look is never complete without the touch of an eyeliner and any woman can be a testimony to this fact.

eyeliner tutorial for beginners

This might make you laugh but we are sure each one of you can relate to this. We’ve all had our personal eyeliner journeys and struggles. But we sure have emerged victorious. To help you with eyeliner woes, we have compiled these eyeliner tutorials for beginners so that you can keep your game on point.

If you have an eyeliner in your vanity kit, you don’t really need anything more. All you need are different eyeliner styles on your fingertips and you are all set!

1. Wing It Right

This might be the go-to look for every occasion but there is no denying that it is the trickiest of all. Wear it without an eyeshadow or apply on top of a glammed-up eye look for that sexy vibe.

eyeliner tutorial for beginners

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2. Be Purr-fect

This cat eye trick elongates the lines of your eyes on the outer corner and the inner corner, creating a sloping arch creating the illusion of an almond eye shape.

eyeliner tutorial for beginners

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3. Go Messy

To achieve a sophisticated frame and a bolder look, create a smokey halo around the eyes by using a creamy eyeliner and smudging it around the edges. Be careful not to darken it too much.

4. The Barely There Look

You can create a defined eye shape by applying thin eyeliner across your lid. It creates a little flick towards the end but hides the line across your lid and is especially for those who have monolids. See here the kind of eye makeup that looks great on monolids.

5. A Li’l Drama Never Hurt Anyone

A little drama on your eyes is all about bold thick lines, applied to a simple winged eye or a graphic eye look. Dramatic eyeliner styles don’t have to be messy, they can be clean and polished as well. just keep it bold and thick.

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