December 25, 2016

We just finished a hectic Christmas party and now the New Year parties are just around the corner. So many celebrations, and so little time. While we are sure your dress, heals, makeup and perfumes are all ready for the marathon, what about your body? There will be binge eating and too much drinking. Don’t worry, we’ll not stop you from having a good time. Instead, we are here to help. Read our essential detox guide after a party weekend so you can avoid that dreaded hangover and still be ready for more.

1. Water is Your Best Friend

Water kills hangover. Your body is made up of 90% water, but it will feel seriously dehydrated after a night of heavy drinking. Alcohol acts like a diuretic that drains fluid so it is essential to stay hydrated. Replenishing your body with water will also flush out the toxins from your system. Keep sipping throughout the day.

detox guide

2. Give Your Body All the Rest It Needs

Getting some shut-eye after late night partying will help your body rejuvenate faster. If you wake up a few hours right after crashing, maybe it’s because of the interference of alcohol with your REM cycle last night. The solution is simple, just go back to bed.

detox guide

3. Skip the Stimulants

Avoid exposing yourself to stimulants like more alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. Excessive amounts of caffeine will dehydrate your body but if you really can’t seem to get through your day without your Cuppa Joe, a weak cup of coffee is all you should have if you want to detox.

detox guide

4. Nutrition is Key

Those sweet treats that you love, will make the hangover even worse. Instead, fuel your body with lean protein, fibrous veggies and fruits to help it rebound faster.

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5. Sweat It Out

Exercising might be the last thing on your mind right now but it will definitely help your body flush out the toxins that were in all those drinks. It also increase blood circulation relieving your headache. if you’re not up for a workout, try sitting in a sauna.

detox guide

6. Go Herbal

Drinking herbal teas like lemon grass, fennel, mint, or chamomile next morning after will help relax your stomach. Sweeten your tea with a little honey and see your headache and indigestion disappear.

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7. Pop Some Vitamins

Replenish your system with nutrients like Vitamin B as it helps to break down the alcohol and restore your energy levels. Take them before you go to bed and let them work their magic while you sleep.

detox guide

8. Take Some Time Off

Help yourself to a serving of hot chicken soup, stretch, meditate or get a massage as a way to relax your body. Basically, reduce the amount of stress around you while your body is repairing itself.

detox guide

Detox every next morning after the celebrations so you’ll be ready to hit the party again at night. Happy holidays, everyone!