March 20, 2018

Social media is implicit in the very way we communicate and interact with the world around us today. The common saying nowadays is, “you can take yourself out of social media but you can’t take social media out of you.” It grows on you; it’s as simple as that. And while access to information is always a great plus, an addiction is something one must guard against cautiously.

Spending too much time on social networking sites stands the risk of slicing us away from real life; putting at stake our relationships and other pertinent responsibilities.

So just how do we beat this very realistic threat of social media addiction? Try the following informing albeit simple measures.

1. Turn off your notifications

It might sound like a run of the mill idea, but is an effective antidote to end the addiction associated with social media. Have you ever thought what might be the single-most important aspect to spending a lot of time of a Facebook or Twitter? Of course, it’s the notifications, isn’t it? When you stop notifications from interfering in your regular routine, you won’t be coaxed to log in and check the happenings in the social media stratosphere. Try it out. It works.

social media addiction

2. Pick up a hobby instead

Gone are the days where youngsters, typically in the age-group of 15-29 picked up a sport and stuck by it. In today’s times mired by excesses of technology, online games have silently spaced out physical sports. Try considering an outdoor activity like Yoga, Squash, Badminton or Tennis instead of directing your quality time on social media. Or if you aren’t that thick on outdoor sports, register yourself for a music class. How about learning a musical instrument instead? Does the soothing sound of the violin or the achingly good strum of the guitar cajole your heart? If yes, then resorting to music might just help channelise the inner artist in you.

social media addiction

3. Implement stringent rules and stick by them

Social media can never be the definition of time well-spent away from tedious tasks or routine activities. It was always meant to be a temporary moment of reprieve. It was always slated to function as a quick fix instead of doubling up as an obsession. One of the simplest ways in which to reclaim your precious time is to stick by implementing a regimen of strict timings; only during which are you supposed to browse on networking sites. For instance, break away from social media browsing during mealtime- lunch, dinner, evening breakfast- and even while commuting. Focus your mind on things that are far more attentive than checking someone’s holiday album or status update.

social media addiction

4. Download useful Apps that aid in breaking addiction

One of the effective ways using which one can break away from social-media addiction is by way of downloading constructive apps that assist in crumpling down the habit. There are interesting apps that track smartphone usage- such as Social Fever- assisting in maintaining a healthy real-time versus digital balance. Similarly, you could explore apps like Habits pave attention to completing simple but valuable tasks each day, that guide you in directing your attention to important tasks.

social media addiction


5. Set a timer; buy an alarm clock

Chances are, if you use your smartphone to keep a track of time, it will eventually boil down to distracting your focus from important tasks at hand. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a specific alarm clock. Using digital alarm clocks, you can easily set timers to guide yourself on different intervals; that direct when and when not to use social media. Most people, when curbing their addiction, prefer to browse during the evenings. You can set a time accordingly. Also, it has been seen that distributing time and splitting it well is an effective way to combat a needless addiction.

social media addiction

6. Try to respond off-line

One of the excesses of using sites like Facebook is that you are often thrown into a sea of notifications. Did Facebook just notify you that it’s your cousin or college friend’s birthday? No need to log in and go online to extend your wish. Evade this needless social media addiction. Skip the “Happy..happy” wall-posts and get some real time conversation.

social media addiction