July 24, 2017

Once you hit your 40s, your muscle mass starts shrinking and your metabolism slows down. That’s why exercises that worked in your younger days to keep you looking lean and firm, may not be as effective now. Switch your normal exercise routine with these walking workouts for women over 40 to burn fat faster.

1. Uphill Walk

Your muscles work harder when you walk uphill. Set your treadmill on an incline or go for a weekly walk to a nearby hill to mix up your routine. Make sure though that you wear comfortable shoes, otherwise your knees will have to bear the brunt when you walk downhill.

2. Backward Walk

If you have been going for walks since a long time, your body would have become used to the routine and would have stopped burning extra calories. That is why you should shock it with different walking routines from time to time. Instead of walking in a straight line, walk zig zag with side steps on either side. Also, try walking backwards for a kilometre. Your muscles will work extra hard to keep you balanced.

walking workouts for women over 40

3. Lunges

This is the easiest way to enhance your walking workout. Take a giant step with your right leg, bend your knee and lower your body as much as you can. Hold 3 seconds and repeat on the left side. Make sure hands are clasped behind your back. When your arms swing, they balance your weight minimizing your effort. But when they are clasped behind, your body has to work extra hard to stay balanced.

walking workouts for women over 40

4. Side Steps

Tie an elastic band around your ankles. Now with your knees bent and back straight, start walking sideways. Take big steps to keep the tension on the elastic. This will strengthen your glutes.

walking workouts for women over 40 5. Walking Squats

Fold your right leg onto the left knee. Now bend your left knee as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair and raise your arms forward. Hold your position for 3 seconds and repeat 10 times on each side.

walking workouts for women over 40

6. Plank Walk

Place your palms on the ground without bending your knees. Now move your body forward with your hands while keeping your feet steady. When you reach a plank position, walk your feet forward while keeping the hands steady.
walking workouts for women over 40

All images courtesy: Pinterest.com