February 3, 2017

Do you think ponytails are boring? Think again. They are in fact the easiest and effortless style for your hair. The versatile ponytail looks just as good in an office suit as in a casual dress. So next time you have to step out to party, just take a cue from these quick DIY ponytail styles. All you need are hairpins, bands, a brush and just 2 minutes to conquer these looks.

1. Classic Pony

Here’s a way to give an edge the classic pony.

ponytail styles

2. Do the Twist

Make an easy side twist to add more bounce to your hair.

easy ponytail ideas

2. French Braid Wrap

Pull your hair in a regular pony. Take a section from the left and french braid it. Now wrap it around your pony and secure the end with a band.

ponytail styles

Courtesy: Yetanotherbeautysite

2. Side Braided

Another French take on the pony. This time take the front section of your hair and secure the rest with an elastic band. Start braiding the section to one side and roll the end of the braid over the elastic.

ponytail styles

Courtesy: Fashiondiva

3. Twisted Low Pony

Take 2 sections from your right side and warp them on each other. Now keep adding more hair to each section as you twist. When your entire right side hair have been twisted till the nape of the neck, secure them with a band. Repeat the same on the left side. Now remove the elastic and secure the two sides together. Straighten your hair first for best results. See complete tutorial here.

ponytail styles

4. Add Volume

This one is the quickest style. Divide your hair in two sections. Make a high pony of the top section and another high pony of the bottom section. Now tease your top pony to cover up the bottom elastic band so it gives an illusion of one voluminous pony. Finish with a spray. Curl your ends for the best effect.

ponytail styles

5. Bubble Pony

Make a high pony and then start putting elastic bands tightly on your hair at 2 inch gaps. Now pouff out each section with a tail comb. If it doesn’t stay then start over and back comb each section into place.

ponytail styles

6. Double Sided

Straighten your hair and divide them in 4 sections. Take a the top right section and pin it to the middle. Now neatly twist the top left section till the middle as well secure it with pins. Now lift all your hair and fasten them into a pony. To hide the band, wrap a section of hair around it.

ponytail styles

Courtesy: Bueatyhigh

7. Hair Bow

Look like a princess with this delicate style. Curl your hair and pull them up in a high pony. Separate one small section from top of the pony and pin it on the top. Now take half the hair and back comb them. Shape them into a bow and tightly secure it on the pony with the pins. Repeat for the other section. Take the remaining section and braid it. Put it over the bow and hide the remaining hair under it. Watch this video for full tutorial.

ponytail styles

Courtesy: HairbyLori