July 17, 2017

Our relationship with fruits can be complicated. On the one hand, they have all the essential vitamins and minerals that are good for health. On the other hand, they can be high in sugar* that can hamper your diet. But hey, any fruit is always better than no fruit. All you need is to make a smart choice between what and how much you eat. Follow this list of high sugar fruits to avoid while dieting and their healthier alternatives.

1. Lychee

Sugar Content: 29 gms

This tropical fruit packs quite a high sugar punch. But if consumed in small portion it can also give you a good dose of Vitamin B-6.

high sugar fruits

Low sugar alternative: Kiwi

Sugar Content: 6 gms

Kiwi contains 20 vital nutrients and gives you just 6 gms of sugar. It is also high in fibre, which helps in weight loss.

high sugar fruits

2. Mango

Sugar Content: 23 gms

Summers are incomplete without mangoes. It’s easy to overindulge in this sweet goodness. You can have just one slice though – its Vitamin A is good for your eyes.

high sugar fruits

Low sugar alternative: Avocado

Sugar Content: 1 gm

If you can resist the temptation of juicy mangoes, then feast on an equally delicious avocado. It has only 1 gm sugar and is loaded with good fat that will keep you satiated.

high sugar fruits

3. Cherries

Sugar Content: 18 gms

The problem with cherries is that it is hard to stop just at one. Before you know, you would have eaten an entire bowl of cherries and be saddled with 18 gms of sugar.

high sugar fruits

Low sugar alternative: Strawberries

Sugar Content: 7 gms

A cup full of strawberries has just 7 gms of sugar.

high sugar fruits

4. Grapes

Sugar Content: 15 gms

Grapes make a nice snack but will also raise your sugar level. If you can’t resist them, then have the red ones – they are packed with antioxidants.

high sugar fruits

Low sugar alternative: Blueberries

Sugar Content: 10 gms

Blueberries contain bone healthy vitamin K and heart healthy fibre and numerous other nutrients that decrease the risk of diseases.

high sugar fruits

5. Banana – 12 gms

Banana is a double edged sword. It is a powerhouse of nutrition and also comes in handy when fighting hunger pangs. But it also has a high glycemic index that raises your blood sugar level quickly. Diabetics should avoid bananas altogether.

high sugar fruits

Low sugar alternative: Apples

Sugar Content: 10 gms

At 10 gms, apples have relatively similar sugar content as bananas.  But unlike bananas that are quickly digested, apples take longer to digest and can keep you full. Spread some peanut butter on them if you are feeling hungry between meals.

high sugar fruits

..And remember

1. Don’t have preserved, canned or processed fruits. They have added sugar.

2. Choose a whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Juices have higher sugar and no fibre.

3. Avoid a mix fruit salad. High sugar fruits can sneak in like this. Instead, make a veggie salad and add fruits as topping.

 *Sugar content measured per 100 gms