June 22, 2016

Give your room a whole new feel. Press the refresh button and follow some very simple tips to give your room the touch of “Eve”. You’ll be amazed how small changes can make an extraordinary difference.

Clear the clutter

Pick, recycle or throw. Things that you haven’t been using for a while are best relooked at. It will create space which can be used wisely for more beautiful and useful things.


Picture credits: Tipclip.nl

Colour palette

Pick a colour palette that goes well with your personality. Calming neutral shades or eye catching bright tones; colours play an important role in changing the look and feel of the room. You can recolour your walls, bring in different coloured wallpapers or change the furnishing; it will change the entire look of your room.


Picture credits: Ali wallpaper

Nature to the rescue

Add a plant to the loneliest corner of the bedroom. Plants will add an element of freshness and bring life to your already dead corner. Choose a plant which does not require too much maintenance and also improves the air quality. We like anthuriums and song of India for their gorgeous looks and air cleaning properties.


Picture credits: irepairhome

Subtle Scent

Use a clean and fresh scent in your room. You could either use a potpourri or a reed diffuser with an essential oil of your choice. Potpourri can also be made at home by combining dried flowers, essential oils, spices and herbs. Keep them in sachets or in glass bowls. Looks good and smells divine.


Organise your closet

Bring in organizers, nice looking storage boxes and covers in soft colours for your clothes and possessions. You can go an extra mile and add scented shelf liners. You can also change the colour of your hangers to coordinate with your closet. This will uplift your closet totally and make you feel good each day you access it.


Picture credits: Better Homes


The sense of smell is one of the most important senses, and smells in the room can be controlled in order to create certain moods. A lightly scented candle will create a good mood in the room. The warm softness of candle light will make your room look gentler and give you a sense of calm.



Lampshades will give your room a warm, ambient glow. You can use a black lampshade to create a little drama or a red lampshade to add a pop of colour. Lampshades are available in many sizes and textures. They act as a perfect accessory by the day and are very useful at night. You can score this gorgeous ivory lamp from Elvy.


Featured image credits: FanFiction