August 27, 2016

What can you possibly do with withered, left over flowers that have lost their freshness? We have a few ideas for you. Once you are done with these, you’re going to be waiting for those flowers to wither, believe us. Read on.

1. Pinecones brought to life

The pinecones fallen in your backyard can be brought to life with this floral arrangement. You no longer will want to kick those cones around when you see what they can turn into. Gather a few and soak them in red food colouring for a while. Once they are stained with the right amount of colour put them aside to dry. Arrange them in a pretty flower vase with a few dry branches and flowers. Watch your room come alive.

DIY flower arrangements

2. I do, I do, I do

Once you’re done with that glamorous wedding at home, don’t just discard the flowers. You could instead opt to preserve those delicate blooms so that you can catch a glimpse of them for longer and let the beautiful memories of the day play on in your head.  And who doesn’t love a pretty paperweight?

DIY flower arrangements

3. Straw hats redefined

Bored of that plain straw hat lying in your closet? It is time to spruce it up. It won’t take too long, and you can set your very own fashion statements with these. Make a wreath out of old dried flowers and assemble them on a wire measured out with the same circumference as the hat. Place the wire on the hat, securing it with some glue and finish it up with a matching ribbon.

DIY flower arrangements

4. Throw me not

Lavender, rose, Hydrangea- the trio of indomitable spirit. Let them live on for long after their lustre is gone with this next floral arrangement. Dried flowers have a certain aura to them that is very rustic. And not to forget the heady aroma they bring with them. Why not use that, instead of letting it go to waste? Arrange these beauties into a nice cone and leave them hanging off your front door or window.

DIY flower arrangements

5. Wreath of grace

You know what else you can do with all those flowers lying around? You could make a beautiful wreath. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t Christmas just as yet, any combination of flowers will do. You can hang it on the door to your room to make it look more welcoming. Make sure you add as many flowers as you possibly can to it, always remember- the more the merrier!

DIY flower arrangements

The next time you happen to stumble upon some flowers, new or old you know better than to just throw them out once they aren’t so fresh.