May 15, 2017

Despite knowing better, we almost always pick out things that aren’t always the best for us – like aerated drinks that don’t really do much for our body. Water alone won’t do the trick. And we get it, who wouldn’t love a bottle of Coca Cola or a pint of chilled beer during a hot, summer afternoon.

But why settle for carbonated water while you can keep your body cool and reap the benefits of consuming something that’s actually healthy?

1. The Elixir That Is Coconut Water


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Coconut water is low in carbohydrates, while still being rich in potassium. And it works like a charm when you’ve caught a bit of a fever or simply need to quench your thirst the healthy way. And its unique flavour definitely helps too.

2. Grab Some Nimbu Pani


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The classic nimbu pani (home-made lemonade) trumps artificially flavoured Tang or Rasna any day. And you can come up with your own variations by adding cardamom, pepper, tulsi leaves, even jal jeera or simply keeping it sweet with plain old sugar. Try some of these recipes to pimp up your lemonade at home.

3. Refresh yourself with some watermelon juice

Pick up a bottle of cold-pressed watermelon juice from ToBeHealthy for an instant energy boost. This nutrient-dense beverage has a subtle flavour that will make you feel like you have done something really good for your body. Add a pinch of rock salt to bring out the desi flavour.

4. Shake Up Some Sharbat


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While fancy mocktails and smoothies are great, there’s nothing like good old fashioned sherbets made from Kokum fruit or mint, with mint being an excellent cooling agent. You can add mint in a variety of drinks as well as can use it for garnishing.

5. Lassi – An Age Old Love Story


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Sweet old lassi is another crowd favourite that you cannot go wrong with. And for those of you who don’t know what it is (and quite clearly living away from civilisation), it is basically a blend of yoghurt, water, and spices – a very popular drink that never disappoints on a hot summer afternoon missing some hydration.

6. Aam Ka Panna


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Aam ka panna is a popular drink made from raw mangoes, renowned for its heat-resistant properties. For those who want to add a twist to it, you can whip up your own aam panna cocktail with tangy raw mango bits in it.

7. Never Say No to Kala khatta


With nothing more than crushed ice, black salt, lemon juice, and tangy sweet blackberry syrup, you can prepare kala khatta in the comfort of your home and keep yourself cool without the need for flavoured candy ice cream.

8. Summery Sattu


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This, right here, is a wholesome drink often made from roasted chickpea and barley flour. For those living in the north of India, sattu may be something you would’ve tried at least once – a certified crowd pleaser in regions such as Bihar.

9. Buttermilk Love


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This is just as popular in both North and South regions, commonly flavoured with mint, ginger, cumin powder or curry leaves. Some even like their buttermilk seasoned with a drizzle of oil, herbs and spices – a satisfying drink to finish your lunch with, to beat the heat and get your dose of hydration.

10. Freshen Up With Some Falooda


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This is a kids’ favourite that always has you coming back for more. A layered summer dessert-beverage, falooda is made using milk, rose syrup, sabja (basil) seeds, falooda sev, dry fruits and ice cream that packs a punch of yummm! and hydration.

While fancy dessert and mocktail bars are great, there are so many ways you can beat the heat the Indian way. So, here’s to a breezy summer.