January 21, 2018

Got a last-minute party to plan and can’t figure out what to serve? Well, don’t fret! We’ve got recommendations for the most delicious party snacks that your guests will love. The best part? You won’t have to spend long hours slogging in the kitchen. Simply, ring up Something Saucy to cater your party. You’ll definitely become more popular among your friends with their fantastic cocktail snacks. Here’s what we personally recommend:

1. Truffle Fries

With a name like that, do we need to say anything more? The light and crispy fries are generously topped with parmesan and will definitely be among the best fries you have.

delicious party snacks

2. Butter Chicken Croquettes

If you are doing a tapas menu, you’ve got to have something fried. These delicious butter chicken croquettes will do justice to your spread. The chicken-filled nibbles are a wonderful surprise. When you break the crisp exterior, it gives way to a gloriously creamy interior, fragrant with spices and herbs. Trust us – it will be your go-to snack for every party!

delicious party snacks

3. Fish Churros

Always had your churros sweet? Something Saucy makes their churros savoury with fish. This appetizer is always a huge hit at the parties.

delicious party snacks

4. Falafel Pita Pocket

This Middle-Eastern delight is not only quite filling but looks and tastes exotic too. Small pita pockets filled with tangy chutney, dressing and packed with scrumptious falafel, will leave your taste buds asking for more.

delicious party snacks

5. Rosti With Sour Cream

If you love the taste of crispy potatoes, the Swiss-style Rosti with sour cream will delight you even more. It basically looks like a potato pancake and is topped with fresh sour cream.

delicious party snacks

Make your parties hassle-free with Something Saucy’s catering. Contact Kriti Thapar to book your orders.

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