June 19, 2016

fatherOne often relates the birth of a child to the laborious struggle that the mother of the child experiences. But the birth of that precious little baby changes the life of one more person, the father. NAMAHA Healthcare Hospital in Mumbai witnesses anxious parents, complicated surgeries and happy results of healthy babies coming out every single day. The Medical Director, Munjaal Kapadia, a father of two himself told us some interesting stories about the reactions of fathers to their newborns.

‘Fathers are usually just as nervous, sometimes even more. For them it’s the matter of the two people, who they love the most in the world, being safe and healthy. They do usually panic at the start but when the baby rests in their arms, all the anxiety just vanishes away in that one glance.’


They may not have the connection of the umbilical cord with their children, but they do shape us up in the best way they know. I remember my father teaching me math when he didn’t understand a single equation of my high level trigonometry. But he tried. As he always does and will continue to do – He tried to be my Hero. Even if that required him to learn things from scratch. He cheered me on at every prize distribution ceremony. He drove me to school every single morning till I was 17. He did so much more than satisfying my desires for pretty things. He encouraged me to be independent. He kissed me good night every day and gave me a list of tasks that needed to be done each morning. These were tasks I had never attempted before, but he told me that he had faith in me and that I could figure it out. I want to use this opportunity to say: Thank you Daddy. I’m very close to figuring it all out. And I know that for the times that I don’t, you’ll be there to help me figure it all out.

Girls always have a special bond with their fathers. No man seems like a match to the unbelievably high standards that our amazing fathers set. We hold their hands when we feel low, and we have them wrapped around our fingers all the other times. Let’s make this day, one with immense gratitude, for our real life super heroes. Happy Father’s Day! You may not have come out of his body, but you definitely take up a lot of place in his heart.