April 22, 2017

Ironing a pile of clothes falls under the category of dreaded household chores, right behind doing jhaadu-katka and washing dishes. After all, it requires too many steps – get the board out, put water in the iron, wait for it to heat and go over and over the tough wrinkles. The lazy girl in us just can’t cope. So if you are wondering how to remove wrinkles with the least effort then here are some genius ways that don’t require an iron. Read on:

1. Use A Blow Dryer

When the dryer can tame your frizzy hair neatly, then what chance do a few wrinkles stand? Put your crumpled shirt on a flat surface. Blow dry it for 2 minutes and watch the wrinkles disappear. Our model shows you how it’s done.

2. Steam It

Make the best use of your hot shower in the winters. Hang up the shirt in your bathroom as you take a shower. The steam will dissipate the wrinkles in just five minutes. 2 birds. 1 stone.

how to remove wrinkles

3. Throw it in the Dryer

Woke up and late and suddenly realised your office shirt is wrinkled? Put it in the dryer along with a damp cloth and 1 or 2 ice cubes straight away. As you get ready for work, the machine will spin out the water creating a steamy effect and straighten out those creases in no time.

how to remove wrinkles

4. Spritz with Vinegar

Mix 1 part vinegar, 3 parts water and mist your shirt with it. As it dries, creases will vanish. Check out other uses of vinegar – you can clean your hair with it, get rid of ants as well as salvage dirty carpets.

how to remove wrinkles

5. Make your Own Iron

This will come handy when you are travelling and have to wear clothes straight out of a suitcase. You can either use your hair straightener to iron out the creases. Else, if there are a pot and stove available then boil some water in the pot, throw it away and use the heated pot as a makeshift iron. Genius, isn’t it?

how to remove wrinkles