July 10, 2016

Date night brings in a myriad of emotions in people right from nervousness to rib tickling excitement and the evergreen tummy jitters. We all know that our extensive plans go out of the picture once those hands are locked for the first time. That being said, a little groundwork never hurt anybody. The key here is not to over complicate and keeping it simple.

Here are a few ideas which might float your boat:

1. Candle Light Dinner

Conventional yet romantic! Candle light dinners will always remain special. After all, it is the perfect setting for romance to brew. If you don’t want it to be out and out romantic at a high end place, you could go watch a movie prior to the dinner to just balance out the day.

date night

2. Cozy Up At Home

There are times when you don’t feel like dressing up and would rather like to remain at home. However, that shouldn’t deter you from having that awesome date with your special person. Grab a tub of popcorn, tidy up the mess, pick out a DVD and you’re good to go.

date night

3. Create Your Own Date Night

How about creating a date night just by doing the things you both love? It could be anything from going ice skating, playing cards, reading sprint, getting a photo shoot done, meditating together or simply laying around in your home devouring your favorite food.

date night

4. Go Dancing

Dancing hand in hand with your beloved could be very romantic and dreamy. A private dance night at a pub should definitely add the extra spark to your relation.

date night

5. Long Drive

Drive away to a calm place away from the maddening crowd but do not forget to steal those lovely moments on your way.

date night

6.Hit the Club

This is for the fun loving, party lovers. Hit the club and dance like there is no tomorrow. Dress up, drink and just take it easy. It could be one of those date nights that rejuvenates you for a grilling week ahead.

date night

7. Cook Together

Venturing in the kitchen together can be very rewarding. It gets you two closer and formulates an unshakable bond. Also, it could be adventurous to try on something while stealing those romantic glances periodically.

date night

8. Play Stranger

This one is right out of movies. Create the perfect blind date illusion by playing complete strangers to each other. You could even role play. You would be surprised by what this does to your relation. You would certainly have a night to remember.