October 23, 2017

Colours play a huge role in the ambience of a room. Although, dark tones can make spaces look small and light shades can give a sense of openness, if balanced carefully they can make your decor look complete. So whether you like it bold, minimal or glamorous, we have some dark furniture styling ideas that will instantly give life to your dull and boring room.

1. Play With Light And Dark Tones

If your furniture upholstery is dark, always choose other elements in lower or contrast tones. Never repeat the bold colour too much in the same room. Even for your furniture, you could place contrast shades in the same room, if you follow a similar pattern with decor and accessories.

dark furniture styling ideas

2. Light Flooring

Carpets add depth and warmth to a room. A light pastel or a beige rug looks sharp again dark furniture. Always store an extra option of a luxury carpet at home for a festive look at parties and gatherings.

dark furniture styling ideas

3. White To Freshen Things Up

White walls and rugs look sharp against dark furniture and add more light to the room. Vary the shades of white in your accessories and curtains to bring more depth to the room.

dark furniture styling ideas

4. Let the Light Shine In

Natural light instantly gives life to any room. If you have a bay window, dark, wooden seating area by its side would create a perfect harmony of colours. You could add colourful throw pillows to create more drama.

dark furniture styling ideas

Even mirrors can open up the space by reflecting light and make your living room look sleek and modern.

dark furniture styling ideas

5. Accessorize

Dress your home with classy glass lanterns, candle stands and interesting light fixtures to break the monotony of dark colours. Natural elements like planters and flowers will also make a difference to your decor and can give a calming effect to your home.

create your own healing space

6. Pop Colour With Pillows

Throw pillows are the easiest way to perk up a room. But they don’t have to be in matching colours. Choose different prints and sizes for each sofa. See more print on print styles that shake up all home decor rules.

print on print fashion